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Theological Roots of Anti-Semitism
by Marshall Beeber
Anti-Semitism (hatred of  Jews) has it's roots in both classical pagan and medieval western  society. Much anti-Semitism present in western society can be directly  traced to erroneous Christian doctrine from the early and medieval  Church.  The root of anti-Semitism is "rebellion against the Lord's  unchanging prophetic plan for Israel, the Church and the nations".

Our  coming Messiah rules in the hearts of His covenant people in the gentle  bonds of agape love. He will return to this Earth to save Israel in His  glorious deliverance of Jerusalem at the Battle of Armageddon. At His  Second Coming He will destroy the wicked and He will judge the nations.  In the Millennium to come He will sit upon the Throne of David as the  anointed Messiah/Christ, rebuilding the Temple in Jerusalem, thus  re-establishing the Davidic Kingdom. He will restore this sin-sick earth  and the cosmos to the harmony and beauty the Old Testament prophets  saw. The people and the ecosystems will rejoice in that day. His  glorious Millennial Kingdom will last one thousand years (Rev.20).

The  spirit of Belial, (or rebellion), hates His coming rule with a passion.  (Psalm 2) The reason is quite obvious. The return of Messiah will  terminate the present gentile/heathen rulership. The current misrule of  the angelic principalities and powers of this present world system will  come to an end. Evil angels do their secret work. They pull the strings  of depraved and lawless men. This is why the gentiles,(or nations), rage  as we approach the end of this age. (Ps.2) The gentiles, (or nations),  are identified in holy scripture as 'the heathen'. They are referred to  by our Jewish brethren as 'the goyim'). Those among the gentiles who  accept Messiah come into the covenants and the commonwealth of Israel by  grace through faith. (Eph.2:12:13)

The  coming Christ or Messiah is the 'Son of David'. He is "the Lion of  Judah". The hostility and the raging of depraved men is directed at the  Jewish Gate of Judah. So essential anti-Semitism is not "irrational" or  "crazy" at all. There is a reason for it. And that reason is quite clear  from our knowledge of the Holy Scriptures. This rebellious world system  and its hierarchies hate and loathe the Throne of David!
Messiah/Christ  will rule over the nations from this throne. He will rule in the  Millennial Age to come. The dark powers fear and dread His coming rule.  It is this hateful loathing of the Throne of David and the rejection of  YHVH/God's coming righteous rule under Messiah that is the  quintessential spiritual origin of all anti-Semitism.

The  above statement was taken from "The Root of Anti-Semitism" by Gavin  Finley MD.  It is referenced below.  This posting is designed as an  excellent reference for those who would desire to explore the dark  history of Satan's deception within the Body of Messiah (Christ).

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