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Poetry of Dee Sadler - A Messianic Jew - Page Two

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An independent grace oriented Messianic Jewish ministry, offering scripture studies, apologetics, poetry & more!


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The Nazarene

Do you know The Nazarene my friend ?

Do you seek His way, for His Truth contend ?

Whose vows were made in His Father's House

Who seeks a Bride to be His Spouse.

When He walked the earth, He taught His Father's ways

He healed the lame and restored to sight

Though His earthly life was just a few short days

He Is The Way, The Truth, The Life!

Of this Nazarene, I can't say enough

Yeshua, the cover between God and Man

Who came to the earth, to a world that was dammed

To bring about through His Saving Grace

Salvation's road to His Father's Place.

He was despised and rejected of men

A Man of sorrows and aquatinted with grief

Who came to this world as a Carpenter's Son

To purchase your soul when you have belief.

D. Sadler C 1983


The Almond in blossom, the Lily, the Rose

All speak of A Savior that I've come to know

The green of a meadow, the wind in the trees

The Hand of The King of Kings created these.

O show me a mountain all covered with snow

Or look to the heavens where silver stars glow

Or walk in a place where water runs in

I'll tell you in a minute they all speak of Him.

The seasons are changing as Fall rushes by

While leaves red and yellow are caught up to the sky

Revealing a secret, The Lord's coming soon

It's time to get ready to enter His Room.

O put on your wedding dress, come trim your lamp

For soon they are building a highway, a ramp

The Altar will go in place, an offering for sin

It's time to get ready to be caught up to Him !

D. Sadler C 1995

Hope you like these... Dee

The Cohen Ha Gadol

A King, A Prophet, Our High Priest

The Cohen Ha Gadol.

The Holy One, The Only One

Yeshua's life unfolds.

He is The Lamb, The Son of God

Who took the Sacrifice

To the Brazen Altar, The Temple up on high.

His finished work completed, done

His Priestly Garments still in one.

Completely pure it remained

Not torn by man or defamed.

Now when the Great Trump sound's Its Horn

And Judgment has Its day

The Cohen Ha Gadol will wipe every tear away

The Temple will flow with Living Water

Healing young and old

When they look upon Our Great High Priest

The Cohen Ha Gadol.

D. Sadler C 1993


Simeon can you hear, bound in this darkened place ?

By the Hand of A Servant when you did not seek His Face

Or recognize Him as The One your brothers though to sell

For the price of a slave, when they put Him in the well.

Now Simeon your hearing's dull, you can not hear the cry

Of the heart of Messiah as the centuries go by.

You see no light in darkness, you can not hear a sound

All you can do is live your life, your spirit's truly bound.

But found in Joseph's story, a day is coming soon

When you will see and you will hear

The Shofar's lovely tune.

And you will recognize your Brother

Who was dead but now alive

When at last you can hear and see Him with your eyes...

D. Sadler C 1993

Migdol Eder

A certain ridge, a mountain placed

A fruitful field time can't erase

A Great High Tower, Tower of the Flock

His Birthplace noted, Behold The Rock !

Come glean like Ruth in Boaz field

And glean the truth this day reveals

This place outside of Bethlehem

Outside the City still speaks of Him.

This ridge runs through to Jerusalem

High and lifted up that shows within

Outside the City, outside the Camp

A Lamb was slain, The Servant Lamp !

The place a quarry where truth was mocked

Still corners stone from out of rock.

This mountain ridge, this place of death

Salvation lifted that passed the test.

Upon a Rock, upon a Tree

Messiah's Blessings still there for thee

Placed in a tomb hewn out of rock

That Resurrection could not stop.


D. Sadler C 1994

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