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An Introduction:

My name is Dee Sadler, a messianic believer called "The Messianic Poetry Lady" I am ordained and in ministry with Barbara Di Gilio called" Mayim Hayim "of Phoenix , Arizona , teaching the Jewish Roots of the Faith. Mayim Hayim means Living Water.  I write a lyrical Poetry that teaches. Some of them are songs. Janet Mc Bride of Mesa , Arizona has set the Havdalah to music and we also have another song that we did together called "The Kinsman Redeener" I am 68 with three son's and am recently widowed. My ability to write began when I was eight. I wrote in my teens of my search for The Lord but discouraged did not save any of it. The Lord gave me one poem when I was thirty calling me to wake up. My poetry began to flow when I said yes to Him in 1980.

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The Jewish People

Wrapped in the Law

A prayer shawl their garment

With six hundred and thirteen frindges in all.

This is the covering of the Son's of the Commandments

Their song, " to life ", as they answer God's Call.

The Lord's beloved people

that He chose to come through

These people afflicted for me and for you.

Reach out your hands in true love for our kinsman

For they are the Olive Tree, we are just grafted in.

Pray for the peace The Holy One will fulfill;

Pray for Jerusalem this too is God's will.

Now green is the color that covers the hillside

Fig trees and Olive, the fruit of His Love.

Forever fertile, His promise to redeem thee

The Rose of Sharon, He cares for them still.

D. Sadler C 1987

Adah & Barnabas

A garment of praise He is making

A garment of praise out of me.

Made of His wonderful Righteousness

His light for the whole world to see.

A garment that's white for a wedding

Made up of rubies and pearls.

Adorned with the gold of Opher

Woven of His Perfect Word.

##### by the Wind of The Spirit

Dressed in the light of The Sun.

Tied with tehelet at its corners

This garment makes into one.

So God's servants are dressed in His Silver

The silver of His Grace.

Like a pearl that is polished and shining

Because of the cover He placed.

Adah the woman was faithful

Barnabas was a true man of God.

Encouraging all of the Body

In their service their lives not at odds.

Their surrender to The Lord's work was perfected

Like the shining garment He makes.

This garment of praise He bestows upon man

When The Ruach revives and awakes !

D. Sadler C 1988- 93

This poem was originally called "The Wedding Dress" I added two more

stanzas for Barbara's Book " So What Do You Think " in 93.

His Portrait

In a Garment of Light He is standing

In the midst of the Menorah, The Son

A Golden Girdle adorning, The Many Breasted One.

His Hair that's pure white tells He's ancient

The Ancient of Days is His Name

His Eyes are a flame of fire

Adonai Eloheim is proclaimed.

His Voice sounds like many waters

His Feet shine like burnish brass

He comes to restore peace and justice

His Kingdom will forever last.

He stands as the Judge of the Nations

Judging man in the darkness of sin

Bringing with Him the morning

And the cleansing that comes only from Him.

His Habitation is full of His Glory

His Courts are ###### up with Praise

His City shines like a diamond

His Gates open only one way.

His Foundation Stones shimmer with color

As their beauty unfolds.

Twelve Gates made of pearls add their luster

The streets of His City pure Gold !

He stands as The Kinsman Redeemer

Awaiting His Bride all in white

Like mourning stars ascending

To a City where their is no night.

A place where fruit is abundant

Where Living Water satisfies thirst

Where there is no briers or brambles

And there is no trace of a curse.

Come Up! enter His City

This place He has prepared.

Come Up! rejoice in The Torah

His music is everywhere.

Flutes and Harps are playing His love songs

As the Heavenly Host join in

For His Habitation is a place of perfection

Healing without and within.

D. Sadler C 1997


There is a word in Hebrew for Generations

This word is called Tolodot that comes just from Him.

But after Satan entered the Garden

Adam's heart was changed when sin entered in.

Now this word called Toldot has lost a letter

The word for Generations is now missing a Vav.

Only in Ruth is this letter restored

By The Kinsman Redeemer, The Goel who is God.

Now the Vav is an O in our English Language

It is one of the letters in The Lord's Name.

When sin entered in we lost our connection

And man became dark in the Light of Him!

Some day this letter will no longer be missing

When Yeshua creates a New Heaven and Earth.

Where sin can no longer enter the Garden

Because of His Grace and the New Birth.

Tolodot will still be the word Generation

But Satan will no longer be able to rob

For his existence will be done away with

Then this word called Tolodot

Will Glorify God !

D. Sadler C 1998

A Cover of Prayer

The Torah Design, A Mantle of beauty

Stripes on white linen with Techlet Blue

Completely covering all the believing

Who are Tzaddiks faithful and true.

Picture a minion standing and praying

Wrapped in this linen from their heads to their feet.

Seeking direction, praying for answers

In The Messiah their prayers are complete.

O what a picture of Israel's people

Who follow God's statutes and do all His Laws.

Who love one another and try to keep covenant

In spite of the flesh that is still full of flaws.

Spread out Your Mantle, Your Mantle of Glory

Cover them over when Your Wisdom they seek

And as thet wait on thee in humility quiet

Open their hearts to hear when You Speak !

D. Sadler C 1994

"Legacy Of Hate"

A legacy of hate - anti-semitism's tool,

The spirit of the antichrist made void the Golden Rule.

Self-righteous fallen men, who boasted in their light,

became the weapon used to kill; putting Jewry to flight.

In the Name of the God of Abraham with the Banner of the Cross.

Singing their hymns they killed and burned and Jewish lives were lost.

Church Fathers, so they claimed, yet ###### with hate and blame;

called the Jews, "Christ-killers" in His Holy Name.

Now they took away the Jewish Feasts, they threw the Talmud out.

Anything that sounded Jewish, they turned it round about.

Until all trace of Judaism you could no longer see.

"The Jew is wrong," became their song on down through history.

Our Jewish roots now covered up, the Jews wounded in their hearts;

divided by religion, becoming worlds apart.

But, the Truth is Shining, the Sovereign Lord still rules,

with the Right Hand of Messiah; His love His mighty tool.

- D. Sadler 1993 (C)



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