New articles and events at the Messianic Literary Corner website, and its Facebook group this year!  See below:

January 2022

MLC celebrates it's 25th year anniversary this year.  The website was launched in 1997 with numerous improvements since.  Keep checking back with us for more doctrinal and interesting topics.

October 2021

Redesigned the "MLC Associate Store" with nine categories, one page for each category, replacing the former two page format.  The new homepage link is at homepage.htmSee the category links below.
Bibles & Study Tools
Messianic Doctrine

Messianic Prophecy
Scientific Apologetics
Biblical Archaeology
Children's Books

July 2021

Created "Witnessing In The Spirit" study from old 1980s study on street evangelism.  Posted July 11th, 2021.

Audio podcast interview of Marshall Beeber (MLC administrator) by Ethel Chadwick of "Bagels & Blessings" Messianic Jewish ministry. Recorded early June.  Aired on July 3rd, 2021.  Click for audio podcast recording! 

June 2021

New poetry from David Heischman this June.

Revised poetry webpage for Asher Radunsky (pen name Asher Blake) this June.

Introducing Leland Gamson, with his new poetry website this June.

Updated poetry webpage for Ron Shultz this June.

April 2021

March 2021

New Article:  Did Gentiles Hijack The Messianic Jewish Movement? (Published this March in "Grace Study Series"

Consolidated all the seventy MLC poetry links to one page with alphabetical tabs for easy access this March.

 Reconstructed the website poetry pages for James F. Hill , Eva , Ben Volman and Dee Sadler this March.

Podcast from "Know My Faith (NZ)" of Marshall Beeber this March.

February 2021

New poetry from David Heischman and Eva this February at the MLC New Poetry Showcase this Feb. & March.

New Article: Hebrew Roots Movement Redefining Words (Published this Feb. in "Grace Study Series")