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poems to lift you up!

An Introduction:

I write my poems merely to share with other Christians, to lift them up, to make them smile, etc., and to give glory to Jehovah and Yeshua. ALL my poems are Christ-oriented.  Most are just Holy Spirit inspired ideas, like "Name Above All Names", some come directly from the Bible, like "The Bigger They Are" (David & Goliath) and "In the Spirit of Things" (the first Day of Pentecost).  Others are personal (for family BDs, anniversaries, etc.). 

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The Bigger They Are, The Harder They Fall

The Philistines stood on one mountain,
prepared to battle the Jews.
Israel stood on the other side,
deciding what they could use.

Goliath, the Philistine champion,
was in bronze from head to ankle.
He was 10-foot tall, and bulletproof,
and was set, the Jews to rankle!

He taunted, "Send a man from your ranks,
so that he may do battle with me.
We’ll serve you if he can kill me;
if he can’t, you’ll serve us, you see."

David’s three eldest brothers
were in the camp, and scared.
His Dad sent him to take them food,
and to find out how they fared.

Goliath continued to taunt them
for forty days and nights.
He had the Jews just terrified
because of his great might.

David told Saul, "I’ll fight this man
for taunting the armies of God!"
Saul thought David was surely nuts,
but he merely gave him a nod.

Goliath said, "Nah, there ain’t no way!
You’re nothing but a mere lad!
I’ll serve your carcass to the birds,
you only THINK you’re bad!"

Then David grabbed his sling and a rock,
And sunk it into the giant’s head.
Goliath fell face down upon the ground;
David had "shot" him quite dead!

And God’s army chased the Philistines,
then began to dance and sing!
And then they cheered the bravery of
God’s mighty warrior king!

So if Jehovah God is on your side,
you’ve nothing to fear at all.
For, you see, the bigger that they are,
the harder that they fall!

© Peggy McIlveene
July 13, 2002

In the Spirit of Things
(Acts 2)

When Pentecost came, they were all
together in the same room.
When a noise came down from heaven,
like a wind sent to consume!

Then tongues of fire lit on each one,
in different tongues they talked.
Each person heard his own language;
some of the men merely balked.

"They are full of sweet wine," they said.
"They have to be drunk," said they.
Peter said, "It is 9 a.m.!
These men have just started their day!"

God poured out His Spirit on man;
He’ll live here until the end.
And since He lives within our hearts,
we’ll go wherever He sends!

©Peggy McIlveene
June 27, 2002

Name Above All Names

Wonderful Counselor, Prince of Peace;
He’ll answer to either one of these.
Son of Man and Son of God;
He’ll rule New Jerusalem with staff & rod.
Yeshua, Savior, King of the Jews;
His death on the cross paid all our dues.
Lord of Lord and King of Kings;
maker of absolutely EVERYthing!
Good Shepherd and the Great Physician;
necessary to our spirit’s "soul" food nutrition!
Also the Word and the Light of the World;
God’s perfect love to us unfurled.
Firstfruits of Resurrection, Messiah, the Nazarene;
a rabbi and a teacher, the best you’ve ever seen!
That’s Jesus Christ, whom we adore!
We’ll rule with him forevermore!

© Peggy McIlveene
July 13, 2002

The Ten Commandments

Moses went up to Mount Sinai;
he had to go up alone,
to get commandments from the Lord
divinely etched in stone.

He brought them down the mountain,
and showed them to the Jews.
He said, “Follow these laws of God,
or die in your sins you choose.

You shall have no other gods before me,
It simply can’t be done!
“This,” says the Almighty God,
“is commandment number 1.”

No graven images shall you worship,
this you should NEVER do!
“This,” says the Almighty God,
“is commandment number 2.”

You shall not use my name in vain;
it's a great insult to Me!
“This,” says the Almighty God,
“is commandment number 3.”

You shall keep holy the Sabbath day;
on that day, work no more.
“This,” says the Almighty God,
“is commandment number 4.”

Honor your Father and your Mother,
as long as you’re alive.
“This,” says the Almighty God,
“is commandment number 5.”

You shall not kill a living soul;
adhere to my edicts!
“This,” says the Almighty God,
“is commandment number 6.”

You shall not commit adultery,
I say to you from Heaven.
“This,” says the Almighty God,
“is commandment number 7.”

You shall not steal from anyone,
thievery I really hate!
“This,” says the Almighty God,
“is commandment number 8.”

You shall not lie about anyone,
or in any way seek to malign.
“This,” says the Almighty God,
“is commandment number 9.”

You shall not covet anything
that’s owned by other men.
“This,” says the Almighty God,
“is commandment number 10.”

But Jesus fulfilled these commandments,
so we’re under the law no more; for,
instead we’re saved through Jesus Christ,
and we’ll live on forever more!

©Peggy McIlveene, 4/14/02

Dem Bones
(Ezekiel 37:1-14)

God took me in the Spirit to a valley,
skeletons lay everywhere.
And then He proceeded to tell me
just why He'd brought me there.

“Say to the bones, hear the word of God,
flesh and sinews to you I'll give;
and then I'll blow My breath into you
so that once again you will live.”

When I did, I heard much rattling;
I turned around, and then
I saw flesh and sinew cover the bones,
and they were living again!

This means that when the End Times neared,
He'd return them to their land.
And when this happened, the Jews would know
that it was by Jehovah’s hand.

It’s happened now, they’re coming back;
praise our precious Lord on high!
And now we know the time is close,
our redemption draweth nigh!

Peggy McIlveene
June 3, 2002

A Man Named Jesus

There was a man named Jesus
(really the Son of God),
One day He’ll rule on His New Earth,
With crown & robe & rod.

He was laid in a manger of hay,
for there was no room in the inn that day.
He was born to save us from our sin,
Won’t you open your heart’s door,
and let him come in?

At twelve, He went to the temple to preach,
the Word of the Lord, the Jews to teach.
At thirty years old, His ministry began,
preaching the Kingdom of Heaven to man.

At thirty-three, all hell broke loose,
His death was soon to come,
The grave held him for just three days,
Their Messiah, God’s own Son.

He was beaten and berated,
And then denied thrice;
The Messiah, the Savior,
God’s perfect sacrifice.

He’ll come again to take us Home,
where we can live with Him,
Forever more, we’ll want for naught,
and the Light will never dim.

©Peggy McIlveene,
March, 2002



God told Jonah, "Go to Nineveh,
for their wickedness I know.
Tell them that they must repent.
Get ready now, and go!"

But Jonah didn’t want to,
so he boarded a ship to flee
to Tarshish to escape the Lord,
upon the deep blue sea.

But the Lord then sent a mighty storm
that tossed the ship about.
But Jonah’d gone below to sleep,
and their safety was in doubt.

The men cast lots to find out
who on board was to blame.
Three times they threw the dice;
each time they fell the same.

They asked, "Whose fault is this?"
"Where are you from? What do you do?"
"I am Hebrew, Jonah told them.
I fear the Maker, the Lord God, too."
"What should we do," the men all asked,
"to calm these stormy seas?"
"Throw me in, for it is my fault,
my God is mad at me!"

They prayed to God to spare them,
and threw Jonah into the sea.
God caused a fish to eat him whole;
three days inside he’d be.

Jonah prayed from the fish’s belly,
"I called out, you answered me;
from the depths of Sheol you heard,
and cast me deep into the sea."

"I was very near to drowning,
I thought, ‘I need help, please lend a hand’.
You heard my prayer before I swooned,
and the fish threw me up on dry land."

God came to Jonah a second time,
and told him what to do again.
This time Jonah went to Nineveh,
and told them of their sins.

He told them, "You have forty days
in which to make amends,
or God will destroy your city,
because of all your sins!"

This angered Jonah sorely,
so he thought he’d sit this out.
He built himself a shelter,
then sat down and began to pout.

The Lord God caused a plant to grow
to give Jonah some shade.
And Jonah was just thrilled to death
with the coolness that it made!

Next morning, the Lord God made a worm
to eat the plant ‘til it was dead.
And He made a hot wind blow from the east,
and the sun beat on Jonah’s head.

Jonah was so mad, he wanted to die,
because God took his plant away!
God asked Jonah, "Why are you angry?
Listen to what I have to say!"

"You’ve compassion for a plant
that I made to give you shade;
but not for the people of Nineveh,
that your Lord God also made?"

The moral of this "whale" of a story,
I’m sure that it is so…
is when God tells you to go somewhere,
you really need to go!!!

© Peggy McIlveene


Eternal Retirement

Eternal retirement's my fervent hope,
I’ll finally get some rest!
And never know another thing,
except the very best!

I'll be able to eat what I want,
and won't gain weight at all!
I'll never have to worry again
'bout too much cholesterol!

I'll never get a headache,
or feel the need to sleep.
I'll never again get hurt,
or feel the need to weep.

I'll never ever be broke again;
pure peace will be one of my rewards.
Richard & I will ride a Harley
that runs on the power of the Lord!

We won't be walked on anymore,
no more will people tease us.
And no more darkness will we see,
for our eternal light is Jesus!!!

Peggy McIlveene
August 14, 2002

Eternal Rewards

Our life on this earth is temporal,
and what we do now for the Lord
will determine on the Judgment Day,
what will be our eternal rewards.

Witnessing to lost people we know
about what the Lord has done;
leading the same to salvation,
a soul for Christ Jesus is won!

Being martyred for our Savior,
brings you an eternal reward;
as does diligently seeking
to better know the Lord!

Giving your money cheerfully
to aid in the work of the Lord;
praying to and fasting for Yahweh;
these things will bring a reward.

Being a faithful Pastor for God,
and helping those who’re in need;
loving those who don’t love back;
God will also reward these deeds.

Be a godly spouse and/or parent;
treat others with honor, too;
be faithful in your earthly job;
you’ll be rewarded if you do.

Doing good deeds for fellow man;
submitting to an unfair boss;
being persecuted for Jesus’ name;
Jehovah won’t count as loss!

Have the attitude of a servant;
be humble for all of your days;
visit widows and orphans in distress;
God finds these worthy of praise!

Help those less fortunate than you;
do little things for your neighbor;
live your life most righteously,
and Jehovah will bless your labor!

Don’t do these things to seek rewards,
but know that His word is true;
if you do these things while you are here,
He’ll give great rewards to you!

( Peggy McIlveene
August 19, 2002

Help Me In My Unbelief

I believe, Lord Jesus,
help me in my unbelief.
Let me trust in You in all things,
be it illness, strife, or grief.

Let me pray, and then be silent,
knowing You are in control.
You know how I start worrying,
when I get on a roll!

Help me lay it on the altar,
and not pick it up again.
For to worry is to doubt you, Lord,
when You've died for my sins!

Help me know when I am burdened,
You're there to give me rest.
And help me leave things in Your care,
for you know what is best!

Peggy McIlveene
August 14, 2002

Me Do It Meself!

When I was just a little girl,
my Mom would ask to help me.
I’d say, "No, me do it meself!"
I haven’t changed much, you see!

First, I usually do it myself,
BEFORE I give it to Him!
You’d think I’d have already learned
to FIRST let go of them!

I struggle, I worry, and I fret,
to the point of being ill!
When I should know inside that
my needs are in His Will!

Just a little notion here,
to carry you through the day…
if all else seems to fail,
you might decide to pray!!!

© Peggy McIlveene
August 11, 2002

My God, How Glorious!
(I Thessalonians 4:13-17)

We don’t want you to be uninformed
that those who died in the Lord
will return with Him at the Rapture,
for eternal life’s their reward!

For He’ll raise them up beforehand,
and they’ll all come for us,
and we’ll meet them in the air;
my God, how glorious!!!

For Yeshua Himself will descend
from Heaven with a loud shout;
the archangel will call, the trumpet sound,
the dead will rise first, never doubt!

Then we who remain will go next
to meet Jesus in the air,
to be with Him forever more,
and never again know despair!

Peggy McIlveene
August 29, 2002

My Past is My Past

I was the vilest of creatures,
by His blood washed clean.
Now my past is forgotten,
my spirit is serene.

Like the harlot at the water well,
my heart was laid bare.
Now Satan cannot harm me,
I’m free from his snare.

It does not matter what I’ve done,
but what I’m doing now.
I’ll never be apart from Him,
that is Yeshua’s vow.

© Peggy McIlveene
August 8, 2002

Thank God That God Is God!

Thank God that God is God,
and not human like you and me,
for we’re less loving with each other,
than God would EVER be!

All my past is forgiven with Him,
He remembers it never again,
nor does He rate any of my sins…
to Him, a sin is a sin!

And He loves me just the way I am,
He’ll never cast me out.
Warts and all, I’m great to Him,
for love’s what He’s about!

He never asks me to be what I’m not,
or to do more than I can do.
I always feel important to Him,
and loved and coddled, too!

There’s nothing I can’t tell Him,
and He always listens to me.
When I’m sad, He holds me in His arms,
when I’m confused, He helps me see.

You couldn’t ask for a better friend,
He’ll never let you down.
He’s always willing to help you
to smile instead of frown!

No matter the relationships I have here,
I know I’ll never see
Anything quite as powerful as
the love God has for me!

Thank God that God is God,
and not human like you and me;
for if He were merely human,
we’d have no chance at eternity!

© Peggy McIlveene
August 12, 2002

We Walk by Faith

We walk by faith, not by sight,
our hearts are fixed above.
We walk the earth, day by day,
filled with our Father’s love.

We can do nothing apart from Him,
in Christ, we are made whole.
He died on the cross, in agony,
to redeem earth’s sinful souls.

And since we trust without having seen,
we’ll live forever more.
For when Jesus Christ came knocking,
we opened up the door!

Peggy McIlveene
August 28, 2002



Augustus decreed that a census be taken
of all the inhabited earth.
Joseph left for Bethlehem with Mary,
who was near to giving birth.

Her Son was born, she wrapped Him in cloths,
and laid Him in a manger of hay;
for the inns were so packed with people,
there was nowhere else to lay.

Also nearby there were shepherds
watching over their flocks by night.
An angel then stood before them,
and filled them full of fright.

"Fear not" he said, "I bring you news;
that will fill you full of joy!
For today a Savior, Jesus, was born,
God's gift in a baby boy!

Suddenly, there was a host of angels,
praising the Lord with hymns,
singing "Glory to God in the highest,
and peace on earth to men!

Peggy McIlveene
December 25, 2002

I Sure Hope He’s Proud of Me

When I stand before His throne,
I sure hope He’s proud of me;
and I’ll fall down at His feet,
and His smiling face I’ll see!

I’ll take the crowns that I receive,
and cast them at His feet,
and feel the total love of God,
sent from the Mercy Seat!

As I kneel before Him,
while pure and undefiled,
it’ll be my joy to hear Him say,
"Well done, my precious child!"

Peggy McIlveene
January 25, 2003


My Spirit I’ll Pour on Mankind
(Joel 2:28-32)

"After this," the Lord said to the Jews,
My Spirit I’ll pour on mankind.
Your sons and your daughters will prophesy,
old men will dream dreams in their minds."

"Your young men, they will see visions,
you know that My Word is your sword.
I promise you that this will happen
before the great awesome Day of the Lord!"

"I’ll show My wonders in the sky and on earth,
blood, fire, and smoke columns, too.
The sun will be darkened, the moon turned to blood,
before the Day of the Lord comes on you."

"But whosoever will call on My Name,
shall be delivered from my wrath.
For my chosen people shall survive,
and be led to the narrow path."

Peggy McIlveene
February 15, 2003