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Chayim L'Olam

(Life Eternal)

An Introduction :

Poetry is a gift that GOD gave me, from the time I was a little girl of five, until this present time. When I became a believer, and follower of my Messiah YESHUA, in November of l979, the LORD began filling my heart, soul, and mind, with poetry based on the scriptures. HE has become the love and joy of my life. He is my hope, my peace, my strength, my contentment, my help, my portion, my "all in all".

A large part of these poems were given to me in my quiet time with YESHUA, in the early hours of the morning. Many poems were written, as I meditated on GOD'S word, and also writings from the devotional books, "Streams in the Desert, and My utmost for His highest", and the Daily Bread. Other poems had their birth in times of prayer and thanksgiving to our great GOD for all HE has done, and continues to do in my life, and that of my husband, and our children, and grandchildren.

GOD bless you, and your loved ones. Baruch Ha Shem.
In YESHUA'S wonderful name
Lita Kurtzer

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I refuse to be discouraged, to be sad or to cry
I refuse to be down-hearted, and here's the reason why
I have a GOD  who's mighty, who's sovereign and supreme
I have a GOD who loves me, and I am on HIS team

HE is all wise and powerful, JEHOVAH IS HIS name
Though everything is changeable, my GOD remains the same
My GOD knows all that's happening, beginning to the end
His presence is my comfort, HE is my "DEAREST FRIEND"

When sickness comes to weaken me, to bring my head down low
I call upon my mighty GOD, into HIS arms I go
When circumstances threaten, to rob me of my peace
HE draws me close unto HIS breast, where all my strivings cease

When my heart melts within me, and weakness takes control
HE gathers me into HIS arms, HE soothes my heart and soul
The great "I AM" is with me, my life is in HIS hand
The "GOD OF JACOB" is my hope, it's in HIS strength I stand

I refuse to be defeated, my eyes are on my GOD
HE has promised to be with me, as through this life I trod
I'm looking past all circumstance, to Heaven's throne above
My prayers have reached the heart of GOD, I'm resting in HIS love
I give GOD thanks in everything, my eyes are on HIS face
The battle's HIS, the victory mine, HE'LL help me win life's race

Lita Kurtzer

1Cor. 15:57-58a, "But thanks be unto God, which
giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.
Therefore, my beloved brethren, be steadfast,


Contentment lives within the heart
of one who loves the Lord.
Who puts Him first in everything
and lives in sweet accord.
Contentment is surrender
to God and God alone.
He fills your every longing.
He makes His presence known.

Contentment is found in knowing God.
He surely satisfies.
In Him is peace and joy and rest
on Him we can rely.
Contentment isn't found in things
nor places far or near.
Contentment is relationship
to God we're very dear.

Contentment is a state of heart,
of mind, of soul, of being.
Contentment's focused on the Lord
In Him we find life's meaning.
Contentment's not in earthly gain
for soon it flies away.
Contentment is knowing I'm God's child
and that He fills my day.

Contentment's knowing God loves me
just for who I am.
He is at work transforming me
according to His plan.
Contentment is that I am God's
and He's my heavenly Father.
He delights to hear me pray
to Him I'm not a bother.

Contentment is in knowing
my God is in control
and what He breaks and crushes
one day He will make whole.
Contentment is unbroken peace
because my life's in Him
and in the raging battles
my Lord and I will win.
Contentment is the precious rest
that I find in his arms
and all that would defeat me
my Lord and savior calms.
Contentment sweet contentment.
my Lord gives me each day.
He is my life.
He is the truth.
He is the only way.

11/03/93 Lita Kurtzer

God Has Chosen You

Beloved I have chosen you, to be my child and heir.
My love for you is changeless, you're always in my care.

I am at work conforming you, to be more like my Son.
Yeshua is your closest friend, He is the "Holy One."


Your every need I will supply; your every doubt I'll free,
I'll give you victory day by day hold fast and cling to me.


I'll never disappoint you, I'll never let you down,
I'll put a smile upon your face, where once you wore a frown.

I give you life abundant into eternity.
Contentment, peace and joy are yours, as you trust all to me.

I want to lead and guide you in everything you do.
I am your help and counselor, you'll find me always true.
When there are times of trials and hurts, I'll be close at your side.
I'll hold you to my bosom, in me child you can hide.

Just cast each care upon me, and know I'll do what's best.
Remember that I love you, I am your "peace and rest."

My thoughts are always towards you. I want your happiness.
Always seek and put me first, your life I want to bless.

Take time to be alone with me, to read my word and pray.
Your precious to me "child of God" I'm with you all the way.

Nothing ever can destroy the love I have for you.
My love is "unconditional," each day it's fresh and new.


Just call upon me precious one, I hear your every plea.
Each fear in time I will erase, as you trust all to me.

I am the God who made you, in me you are complete.
Be confident in me alone, for life that's full and sweet.

1994 Lita Kurtzer

If the Lord Wills

All to often we assume, that we have days and years.
Then suddenly a "tragedy" and we are brought to tears. We do not know what
lies ahead, or what a day may bring. We need to seek the face of God, each
day in everything.

We cannot "boast" of future things, we only have today. And that's not sure,
for in a flash, it all can pass away. We need to call upon the Lord, to draw
close to our God, to turn our heart and thoughts to Him, and to some that
may be hard.

For if "God wills" then we can plan,
our lives are in His hand, and what He "wills" shall come to pass according
to His "plan."

We need to say "if God wills" than such and such will be, and God wills only
what is best,
Dear friend for you and me.

So keep God in your thoughts and plans, make Him the greatest part, and He
will give you peace and joy, to overflow your heart.

Lita Kurtzer

I Choose to be Joyful

I choose to be joyful
though all my plans may fail.
When hurts and disappointments
seem all that do prevail,
I choose to be joyful
to raise my eyes above
and fix my gaze on Christ my King
the God of hope and love.

I'll not allow God's joy in me
to fade and die away.
Instead I'll stir it up again
remembering God's my stay.
He is my hope, He is my joy,
in Him I am complete.
If I had nothing but my God,
my life would still be sweet.

My Lord is always for me,
He's faithful to His word,
And every prayer within my heart,
in heaven, has been heard.
I'll not allow the negatives of life
to "Do Me In."
Instead I'll hold tight to my Lord
there's "Victory in Him."

I choose to be joyful
in a world that's sick and down,
God has wrapped me in his love
I wear a" winners crown".
Life is full of choices
and each one's up to me
in everything I choose "God's way"
and walk in "liberty."

Yes!!! I choose to be joyful
no matter what may come.
My joy is super-natural
because it's in God's son.
He is my joy in sorrow.
He is my joy in pain.
Though all be taken from me
In Him my joy remains.


Yes, I choose to be Joyful
One day "I'll fly away"
to my dear home in heaven
forever…There to stay.
4/28/95 Lita Kurtzer

God is my Friend

I am so very blest dear Lord to have you as my friend. Your mercy, love, and
faithfulness, to me never ends. You're always right beside me, you're there
to hold me tight. You take away all fear and dread, in You my future's


I thank you Lord for loving me, and that will never change, You do what's
absolutely right, my life you rearrange my confidence dear Lord, is You,
because you never fail. Therefore, my steps you order, your plans for me
prevail. You speak to me throughout the day, in whispers soft, yet strong . I
am aware you're with me, to You Lord, I belong.

I love you Lord, beyond all else, you are my joy and hope and in my darkest
hours, your presence helps me cope. You give me victory, sweet and sure, as
I trust all to you the battle's yours, the victory ours, my Great God tried
and true. Indeed I'm blest, in every way, beyond all this world's measure
I'm richer than all trillionaires, because Lord you're my treasure.

Lita Kurtzer 1/2/98

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