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James F Hill's picture/poem - Trilogy of Man
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man’s commonality

yet pauper still

without substance

til wed to FAITH.

commoner and king

whose firstfruit,




the blossom of creation.



february 16, 2003



(two kings of Salem)


History’s Man of Sin will

rule the world,

for twelve sixty.

Not so Jerusalem.

Power and Might

by G-d’s Word

fill the streets

and hearts of two

who witness of majesty

and G-d’s Kingdom

denying antichrist


where G-d placed his name.

Armed with miracles

and fire

His two, witness

and prophesy

the closing age

where Grace and Redemption

offer Freedom and Life

as hatred awaits

the appointed time

and permission

to slay judgment

unaware of disaster

for the risen

Son of Destruction


with holy ones

to visit His enemies.



february 23, 2003





(and the Mayor of Jerusalem)


Joy comes

with angel flakes

from Heaven’s storehouse

of unexpected gifts

to smother anxiety

and lift the heart.

His Honor Lupoliansky

mused with reflection

‘it is good for children

and snow birds

to enjoy the G-dly gift

of frozen blessing

with parents’

Such words of Wisdom

fitly spoken

is lovelier than fine wine

in the silver chalice.


jfrancis and

etgar lefkovits(paraphrase)

february 27, 2003





(before us)


Six: not the perfect number

of dice or wars


no worse will

this earth endure.



the Arab lands

all fuel the firestorm.

Two billion souls

stand at the precipice.

The L-rd giveth

The L-rd taketh away,

blessed be His name.


Revelation 9:13-16


march 2, 2003



The Pale Horse

(through prophecy)


His normal gait:

a slow walk,

save the startling

periods of harvest

when his gallop

through history

leaves plague,


and nuclear light

in our world.

Now poised for flight

to the four corners

of our earth


the third part of man


judgment’s storehouse.



march 9, 2003



The Last Sup


My heart breathes

the fragrance

of your spirit’s


and the light

of His nurturing


the husbandman

of Eden

from creation

to Calvary

to Armageddon’s

final benediction

the L-rd sups only

with all who hunger.



march 9, 2003


(in full dress)


She wore the uniform well.

Marine, Sailor, Soldier

or Wings of Flight?

Her spirit high

was light

shining from the center

of a soul

bright with life

and patriot fire.



november 24, 2002



Heart of War


A wrenching oxymoron


quality of compassion

(human need for goodness)


brutality laid bare.

The former:

rising from man’s connection

with G-d.

The latter:

man’s baser nature

always on parade

in the human street.

Victory is not always

the beating heart.



march 21, 2003





is death and life.

Death comes with

a bullet of chance.

Life carries the memory

of death’s choice.





MARCH 26, 2003






Beneath our veil of color

or blue of blood

lies the image of G-d

wrapped in humanness

and free will,

a divine creation

built on personal knowledge

and G-d’s eternal

unchanging character


on Calvary’s rugged face.



april 3, 2003


Day Eight


Liberty is not immune

to misfortune

and American lives

become sacrifice

to friendly fire’s

fog of war.

The Day’s dawn

holds Egypt

to gathering defeat

and grievous pride,

not unknown

to Arab worlds.

And but for the Golan,

Israel’s Six Day War

may have ended four

as darkness finds

the final front

held hostage

to Soviet intimidation

and war room ambivalence.


(to be continued)


Day Nine


The shadows of Mercy

fall over Golan;

so too

blood of IDF bravery,

soaking the high soil

with Jewish lives.

Syria fought well

and Israel paid deeply

for Quietness under the Golans.


(to be continued)


Day Ten


(to the brink)

of brinksmanship

by postage stamp Israel:

author, publisher, printer.

David before Goliath.

Mighty is His name

and greatly to be feared.

The world ranted

and rattled their sword

taken by David

to slay the giant

of Golan’s Height.


(to be continued)



(of hatred)



in the time of man

has man witnessed

so great a blessing

so great a curse

in six

risings and settings

of this Heaven’s



june 12, 2003


in real time


Poetry is life

in full dress

with fragrance

and flowers.

Color of endless hue.

Passions of silk

in finest fashion.

A garment we wear

with unconscious emotion

exposing our past

to the future,

casting Love

on the waters

of Reason and Hope.



april 24, 2003

Guiding the Light

(and Jerusalem)


Remember Lincoln?

Many times

a failed politician,

not yet seasoned

as the rail for splitting.

Driven by G-d

through wilderness

and defeat,

his final leadership

led a nation

to the threshold

of power


not the metal of man


the pressure of the day

and crucible Jerusalem

alloy each for greatness

and a journey

up the high road.



april 20, 2003


(of sweetness and light)


Life is not always kind

to the fallen of time

and comes with warning

of brevity,


chaos and pain.

Beauty is sweet

and we drink

of this vaporous mirage

####### kisses

of a siren song

piped with guile

by the prince

of our world.



april 6, 2003


Fog of War


Death’s hurried rush

rolls in on dusty tracks

and sleepless minds

with unparalleled speed

to Victory and Creed.



april 10, 2003




the father of success.


the father of inspiration.

do you know him?



he is closer than

the whispered prayer

of a humble spirit,

our roadmap to Peace.



april15, 2003



(where)Does G-d Exist?


G-d is Spirit and Power,

even Majesty

in a momentary flower,

rules with rhythm

in a fragile world

driven by cadence

and the way

of cosmic care.

He takes notice

of the dying day

and wraps it’s form

in history

and the mind’s eye.

His breath of life

fuels our spirit

and delivers this body

to the appointed time

at death’s

judgment door.



   may 11, 2003


The Harvest

(of Litle)


G-d’s power:

beyond imagination;

taking a fragile flower

gathered while radiant

of beauty and fresh,

scattering seed

to the fertile




The harvest will come

as mourners were drawn

by this Haifa bloom

watered with grief

in gardens of unbelief



flinttexas  usa

may 15, 2003


This G-d/Man


He came to us

walking on water

turning it to wine

dining with sinners

dying with sinners

reaching to all humanity

himself human.


who being the exact image

and likeness

of his Father,

chose to walk among

the sons of earth


the Son of heaven.



flinttexas  usa

june 27, 2003


Life and the Dead Sea


Creation anomaly:

death and treasure

buried in the cradle

of ancient theology.

Life flowed a desert place

in to the plain of Sin.


where death at Sodom


a newborn sea

mark the dead

for the living.



june 29, 2003




a Philistine stronghold

of trouble and punishment

for the Hebrew,

a rod of direction

for the nation’s vacillation

between little gods

and the G-d who is

“I AM”.

And still

a people of grief

for Israel’s wandering.


from this ancient land

came Messiah

in the fashion of Samson

to save his people.



july 4, 2003

Anything but Death



a many splintered emotion

pushing the envelope

of human attachment

to spontaneous


of the heart,

leading us

beyond hope,

beyond reason


to poetic expression

of a bond forged

between strangers

alloyed by Spirit

into the lineage

of our Lord.

Boaz begat Obed

Obed begat Jesse

Jesse begat David

and David, the Christ.


from a lowly

Moabite widow,

whose Love for Naomi


beyond death.



july 6, 2003


Portrait of a Day


Words of Wisdom

and Kindness

paint your portrait

on the face

of each new day

creating loveliness

for the way.

Steel has much strength

from the forged fire

but warmth and tenderness

will break the heart

of stone

and return favors

among thorns.



flinttexas  usa

july 9, 2003


Silver and Liquid Gold


The music of life

played well

on the silver fiddle

of Harmony and Grace

sounds sweetest

through a veil of tears

shed by the multitude

of friend and foe.



flinttexas  usa

july 11, 2003


Shalom to Noam


in the #######

of assassin’s fire

her transport,


earth’s fallen face,

to Heaven’s

lush perfection,


Seven was her time

Noam Leibowitz,

a wandering butterfly

passing through

redemption’s portal

to kingdom citizen.

The tragedies of death

in tender years

break the heart

of G-d and man.


tears of separation

flow vacant wadis

of hope,

one day soon

the valley Kidron

overflows with Grace

and the fruit

of G-d’s sacrificial



july 13, 2003

Statement of Accountability

(disclaimer for preceding poem)

From conception to age of personal accountability

each child is covered by the redemptive act

of Jesus Christ on the cross,

then each must accept or reject him

at the exercise of their free will

to enter the Kingdom of G-d,  or not.


july 13,2003

For Bethlehem
(Jewish Humor)

All are welcome
to the nature
of nativity,
penitent and Priest
shepherd or star.
So gunmen yet?
Pressed of battle
to salve the fury?
This is perhaps normal-----
just this once
but surely-----nevermore,
still the Spirit’s touch
of hearts in stone?
Who knows,
maybe these Arab boys
why they are safe
in this nice
Jewish church.

©2002 jfrancishill
flinttexas usa
may 3, 2002

Love’s Price

They have bombers
who have not
moral absolutes
and do
what is right
in their eyes.
We have death
with no penance
for the price paid
by our young Rachels,
slain at life’s door.
And the loss
of Israel’s fathers,
cannot be valued
with human prose.
For one
the dance of death
life as we know it
for six left to mourn,
whose life chiseled
Torah word
on the face of terror:
"No greater Love------."

©2002 jfrancishill
flinttexas usa

Parallel Creation

Angel of the morning;
a star fallen
among the hearts of men.
This tinderbox
sparked of evil
ignites passion
of brother
against a thread
of righteous rule
through the weaver’s
Woven many colors
of purple royalty
and rahab red
to the bright star
sacrificed for
And today
the robe of
shed blood crimson
wraps this nation
in grief and loyalty
the arrival
of Messiah-King,
of expectation.

©2002 jfrancishill
flinttexas usa
April 30, 2002



Confession and forgiveness,
an edifice of redemption,
built on the
bedrock of salvation.
A mural painted
with broad strokes
by Messiah
at the end of Age
as his presence
divides Mt. of Olives
opening the holiness
of sacrifice
and awareness
for profound grief,
greater than Josiah’s,
even to the separation
and weeping of Jews
for sorrow
and personal redemption.

©2002 jfrancishill
flinttexas usa
may 12, 2002


years of sweet
to bitterness of joy
for Israel’s children
in their maturing
have sprinkled the land
with blossoms of hope
as a rich savor to life,
and a reaping of sadness
in the fields of grief,
a lament for loss
as we lay memories
to rest in the soil
of sacrifice.
Yet our joys multiply,
as sons and daughters
of righteous passion,
while the sadness fade
as nights depart
to rejoice the day.
For the great
victories of battle
history creates heroes
among the living
and fallen
to glorify
Now for the present toil
of loss amidst life,
we count danger
the duty,
remembering a lad
of Goliath days
who raised the land
to his shoulders
and slay
our eternal enemy
To G-d
be the glory.

©2002 jfrancishill
flinttexas usa
may 12, 2002

Wall of G-d Present

Two thousand years
of Roman silence
has not weakened
the very heart
of all creation
in the stone and script
of this Holy Wall
where Jewish existence
is written
with stylus
and blood
spilling down
through centuries
into weathered wrinkles
on this battle scarred face
that fathered time.

©2002 jfrancishill
flinttexas usa
may 6, 2002

Zion Heart

The zeal of his passion,
for Zion’s Mount
and redemption of all
G-d’s creation,
is his signature,
written in battle
and blood
for endtime Israel.
With heart planted
in holy soil,
his feet and breath
give lift and life
to the dust
of Adam’s perfection
and fall
till G-d
wraps this earth
in regeneration
for the reign
of Messiah
and his redeemed
at the center
of worship
and praise,

©2002 jfrancishill
flinttexas usa
may 12, 2002



Never before
G-dly Josiah
has one leader
poured his heart
on the altar prostrate
before Heaven’s throne
in total submission
to G-d’s guidance
and never since
a King of Israel
the measure of Josiah.
G-d waits.
Follow the footprints.

©2002 jfrancishill
flinttexas usa
may 14, 2002


Final Order

All prose and poets
of earthly language
fail to justly express
sorrow of collective loss
for world Jewry
this deadliest of centuries
and the danger
of this day.
The enemies of Zion:
legion among earth
and friend-
few and blessed.
Now hatred,
the white hot iron
of blindness,
leaves a world struck
and staggering in disbelief
at Israel;
postage stamp nation
in a driven sea
unmoved Rock of Zion
around which revolves
the sun
and all planets
of Heaven and Earth.

©2002 jfrancishill
flinttexas usa
may 24, 2002

Who is Your Mama, Rabinowitz?
(Jewish Wisdom)

When men rule the world
and women take their name,
why should Jewishness
flow from the blood of Maidenhood?
Wisdom’s answer
from the ages—
men come and go
leaving their mark
on the land;
women stay
rooting man
giving certainty
to the blood
of birthing pain.

©2002 jfrancishill
flinttexas usa
may 25, 2002

Torah Given

They came as spokes
to the hub
from all the land
to Jerusalem
and even now they come
with no temple
they bring gifts
for the poor
as to G-d
painting this city
with Torah love
as a mural
of worthy conduct
for observant Jew
and all Israeli
foreign and secular.
Love of Torah:
a heart phenomenon
rising to level
of national treasure
shared with
Temple Mount
and Jewish People.

©2002 jfrancishill
flinttexas usa
may 31 2002

Torah Crime

near extortion
haggling(real extortion)
and payoffs.
Torah crime
to be sure
and all in a days work
for Rabbis of Rescue.
Not often does the end
justify the means
but Torah scrolls—
held hostage in Iraq,
whose to say "crime."
The hostages were freed,
some in poor health
and some, alas
required burial.
All in all
the rescue was daring
and maybe clandestine
requiring help in high places.
The lesson learned?
For love of Torah
all Israel is Rabbi.

©2002 jfrancishill
flinttexas usa
may 26, 2002


A wild and solid beauty
of reckless flirtations
splendidly robed
in festive garments
whose love eternal
fills the heart Almighty.

©2002 jfrancishill
flinttexas usa
june 2, 2002

Conscripted Hearts

He shared a burden
no other could,
on the day
man's sacrifice
failed our load of sin,
and gave his back
to bear the cross
up Golgotha's climb.
Chosen by chance
to immortal history,
Simon the Cyrene
served as we
when called
to bear the cross.

(c)2002 jfrancishill
flinttexas usa
june 9, 2002

Footprints in Time

No city the equal
of Jerusalem’s footprints.
Not Rome
with hellish emperors,
nor London
and crusader kings.
Perhaps Paris
with conquering hero?
What city can boast
such famous prints
of Prince and pauper…
in one day?
An entire city
paved with G-dly impressions
bearing the message
of salvation
from Adam
to breaking light.

©2002 jfrancishill
flinttexas usa
june 8, 2002

Megiddo Seventeen

again the nation’s heart
bleeds profusely
and youthful wealth
pours out
on holy sand
of Megiddo,
all for a paltry sum
of $hatred:
a taught emotion,
without logic,
heart and soul
of caregiver.
He who gives care
to hatred
will reap
it’s fruits

©2002 jfrancishill
flinttexas usa
june 5, 2002


We walk our way
in confidence
of the day
where focus of breath
reaches only to death
and seldom beyond
where length of forever
beyond ancient of days
to the end of eternity.

©2002 jfrancishill
flinttexas usa
june 8, 2002

Pray the Spirit

Remember the hand of David.
From a stream
five smooth stones.
In his hand
the sling of shepherd life
and a heart for G-d;
an awesome arsenal
defeating the Philistine nation
not by power
nor by might
but by my Spirit
said the Creator
of all we see
and much we do not,
all in a still, small voice.
Pray the Spirit.

©2002 jfrancishill
flinttexas usa
june 6, 2002


Righteous Gentile

Ordinary Russian
uncommon heart
touching the breadth
of human emotion
and Israeli compassion.
Her body battered
her spirit soaring
she defines courage,
written in homeland soil.
A gentile grafted
into the root of righteousness,
set apart
from the world’s foundation
for this good work,
that G-d might be

©2002 jfrancishill
flinttexas usa
june 22, 2002


(From the Heart)

The sinews of life bind tightly
but not so well
as those of hope
and a mother
for her lost child.
The dead are buried,
the missing are grieved

©2002 jfrancishill
flinttexas usa
june 23, 2002


Shawn Greenberg

Jew extraordinaire.
A statement
reserved for all
who live
to the consciousness
of their faith.
His exploits,
though of diamond quality,
rise only to humanness.
His stature of spirit
stands him among
the Jew of his day.

©2002 jfrancishill
flinttexas usa
june 10,2002

Slaughter of Innocents

Inspired by Paul Ruben’s masterpiece
"The Massacre of the Innocents" 1609-1611

The day of Herod broke
to the billow of hooves
through Bethlehem dust
and the wail of Rachel
for helplessness
as the innocents
of slaughter
became blood sacrifice
to vanity’s pride
poured out in streets
where a gentle donkey
once trod
bearing Lamb of G-d
who became
for the sins
of Herod.

©2002 jfrancishill
flinttexas usa
june 30, 2002

Healing the Place of Pain

Pain of loss springs from life
and covers the land
from Aviva to Zehava.
Shalom to these Mothers.

A smoldering fire
consumes the anger
of loss
and must burn
to purify the heart
for regeneration
as it comes on light
following darkest night.
Language can never
express loss
of a mother’s daughter
and grief must linger
as purifying
clears the spirit
of bitterness and anger.
Mend the broken heart?
A task for creation light
as light divides darkness
from broken hearts
revealing fractures
to be sealed
with loving nature
of mother compassion
flowing from
G-d’s creation power.

©2002 jfrancishill
flinttexas usa
june 13, 2002

Jerusalem Light

A beacon flame
guarding truth
while others
are cast
on the reef
of unbelief.

©2002 jfrancishill
flinttexas usa
june 28, 2002


G-d with U.S.

The greatness of this land
is wrapped in power
and majesty grand
for the purpose of his hand.
We are the eagle wings
of whom the scriptures sing
to watch o’re his land
and protect
as the time of the end
is here
where labor by man
in a vineyard dear
is measured
by the word of G-d
setting the heart ablaze.

World History

Lives of Israel
sewn daily
to the land
a spiritual harvest
of determination
and strength of value
echoing the message
of Exodus
multiplied the host
of Israel."
So once again
the enemies of G-d
falling on their own
sword of persecution
and there remains
Israel 101

©2002 jfrancishhill
flinttexas usa
july 3, 2002


The Spin of Sin

Truth of Scripture
written for man
by the G-d of Abraham
was given life
and breath
by the hand
of Arab land.
"Blessed are those
who care for Israel,
cursed are those
who rage their hand
against my land."
For those who serve
little gods,
the force of scripture
is lost
in the blindness of sin
as they stagger
in wander
with the wealth
of ages
and failure of time
to prove their way,
so the Potter
one for honor
for destruction.

©2002 jfrancishill
flinttexas usa
july 17, 2002

Jewish History a Holocaust

The sweep of Jewish history
first began
with creator G-d,
and man.
The first holocaust
reared it’s viper head
as Satan
fathered death and sin,
man’s perfect state
and infecting world history
with rebellion’s virus
replicating in man
down the ages
from Noah
through wilderness wandering
to the promised
with struggle
across the silence
of old to new
where but a few
embraced perfection
sent to me and you.
The page of history
detailing Diaspora
lengthened to millennia
punctuating grief
of twentieth century
to the endtime
of our age.
never in G-d’s plan,
the work of rebel man
by Satan’s hand
to take the throne
most high.
This, the story of man,
without G-d
without Grace.

©2002 jfrancishill
flinttexas usa
july 21, 2002


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