Poetry of Donna Herman


I started writing Poetry when I was a teenager. One of my poems was published in the 2000 Edition of Treasured Poems of America. I was raised in Phoenix, Arizona, but I was born back East. I was born on Veteran's Day. I love cats, Jewish-Christian music and history. I have gone to college and taken English courses. I love to attend Roman Re-enactment events. I found out just recent that I have breast cancer. I had two surgeries done to remove the cancer. I will began the radiation treatments. I have a cat named PureAngel. She is a long-haired domain cat, and she is such a joy to me. I belong to a History bookclub. My favorite part of history is the study of the French Revolution. I also love to read books on Bible prophecy and and devotionals. My favorite Devotional is calledReaching Toward the Heights by Richard Wurmbrand who was a Romanian Jewish Christian Pastor. I love to study and watch classical films. I have a saying 'God created the stars at night to be like a compass to guide our way along the journey of life.' My favorite Christmas song is'Do You Hear What I Hear.' I love all kinds kinds of music. I believe in living each day to the fullest.

Israel, Oh, Israel

Jesus is saying to Israel

in these last days.

I will draw you in cords

of love.

You will once again be

a blessing to the nations

all around you.

I will pour out my spirit

of supplication upon

the children and youth

of Israel.

I'm calling you back to

your special place.

You are the Apple of God's

Eye' and you shall be

given the wings of an Eagle

to the mountains of Petra

where the remnant shall

wait for me as I come

in the clouds of Glory

with all my beloved Church.

I will set my foot on the Mount

of Olives and I shall be your King

for you are my brothers oh, Israel.



The city of Jerusalem while asleep

at night is waiting for her Messiah

in the heartbeat of the soul.

The Golden City is lighted at night

as a reminder of the light of God's

enduring love for his chosen ones.

Sleep in peace, oh my beloved City

and Awaken to your Messiah when

He returns to you in great glory.


The Jews

The Jewish people have given the world

so much in areas such as the theatre,

film and scientific thought.

Some of the Jews were scientist Albert Einstein,

Actor Paul Newman and others who played

a great part upon history's page.

The Jews are a people who build upon

their dreams to give the world a greater sense

of peace and prosperity.

The world is blessed by the Jews.


The Last Days

In the last days God will place

his mark upon the foreheads of

the 144,000 Jewish tribes.

They will give out the gospel

to a dying world in the last days.

Many will come to know the Lord

as a result of their testamony.

They are being prepared right now.

to shine their light on a darkened world.


The Lamb of God

The Lamb of God is the Jewish Messiah

who takes away the sins of the world.

He is gentle in spirit and mighty in deeds

He came to His people in the flesh.

He healed by the speaking of His Word

and the touch of his garment.

He is the Jewish Messiah of the Ages.


He Paid The Price

The Messiah of Israel paid the price

for Jew and Greek.

He forgave the man on the Cross

next to him and His blood drips

down to touch the hands of a Roman Soldier

who stated 'This surely was the son of God.'

He gave His body as bread so that we would

not go spiritually hungry.

He is the Creator of the stars at night

to light our path in the dark.

He is an awesome God.


The Apostle John

The Apostle John was given the glorius vision

of seeing the Lord in His majesty.

The Messiah's hair is as white as wool 

and soft as the snow.

His eyes are a flaming glow that pierces

the soul of Man.

His mouth is a sharp-edged sword,

that speaks the Word of God.

His is majesty in the highest.

The Crown Of Thorns

The Roman soldier placed

the thorns upon the tender head

or our Savior and Lord.

Laughing and mocking not knowing

the soldiers did not see in thier blindness

that this Lamb of God came to die

for them and set them free.

Each thorn was a reminder of

the thorns of life which come our

way and are hard to bear.

But placed on the Savior head,

he bore the thorns for us,

so we could bear what comes

our way in life.

The Apostle Paul had a thorn in

the flesh to keep him from

becoming prideful.

The Roman soldier that day

who placed the thorns on

our Savior's head was saying

without realizing it,

"Lord please bear this thorn for me

that I may find grace in your death."

Praise God all of those who bear

the thorns of life.


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