Poetry of Roddie Harris

The Rabbi

Can't you see them dancing in the moonlight,

Their hands reaching up to Heaven's Gate, Come a little closer

See their faces glowing,

The Rabbis are singing of Yeshua's return.


Come join the circle,

Come join the song,

As Yeshua's love draws You,

Away from the throng.

The Rabbis are laughing

What took us so long?

To find the truth of forgiveness,

And sing Yeshua's Song.

Open Your Heart

You say, I have betrayed my people and my God.

God says; "I have chosen you, you have not chosen Me."

Out of the heart the mouth speaks.

What will it take for you to see, drops of Blood?

They were shed for you and me, when Yeshua was

crucified on Calvary's Tree.

You say, you are Jewish, so was He.

When will you open your heart and believe

that the Son of God gave His life for you

to receive the gift of everlasting grace

shining down from His face, eternal Shalom

for the human race.

I hear the anger coming from your lips,

the poison of lies the enemy whispers

in your ears, all those wasted years

###### with bitter tears could be erased

at the gentleness of His grace, open your

heart and see His face, you foolish sinner,

we are saved by grace.

The Tree of Love

Gently it's branches dance

with joyful splendor

as it's tips reflect the

nectar of love.

The acceptance of the gnarled trunk

gives hope as it's leaves

kiss the air as they

fall to the ground.

So our lives are a cherished gift.

Even the gnarled, broken branches

of love's losses are

rekindled at the hope of

new beginnings.

As we learn to accept ourselves

for who we are, and allow others

to do the same, we grow.

We select the nectar of God, and new branches begin to sprout.

as we grow even stronger

kissed by he 1ight of the Son.

Roddie 7\1\96

A Tear Fell

The hour has come

the long walk home

the slender threads

of life's dream

weave a mystery only

God can reveal.

A tear fell

as it traveled along

the lines that careless

words, careless acts,

bruises that only the

heart felt

the tear that made it's


Who could have known

it's pain, the bit of

water that dripped

from an eye

that caught the cruelty

of humaness,

a tear fell.

What glimpse did it hold

as the sorrow ###### the

water drop?

What heartache, what memories

###### the eye that held

such a precious gift?

A tear fell.

The heavens opened, the

veil removed and God held

the tear in His Hands.

He gave us eyes to behold

what he placed in our hearts,

what He saw when humanity was


When he gave His Son,

A tear fell.

Out of Pride

What is man that out of pride

doesn't hear the voice of God?

What is man that he covers

himself with earthly wealth,

but doesn't cover himself

with God's love?

Oh, the foolishness of the flesh

doesn't man realize he was planned

with great care, eyes to see, ears

to hear, a mind to achieve, who

could have conceived the essence

of life, all He asks, is that we


But, stubborness, and self-love

keep the eyes He gave from seeing

beyond ourselves, from reaching

beyond we can touch…….

We who are human are only beings

because of God's love.

He is the one who saves our souls

who gave us Torah to establish

guidelines for our existence in this

earth, we are only here because

of His choice, and because of

His love.

He gives us a choice to look beyond

what is touchable, what is reality,

beyond self.

What is man or woman that God would care?

In all our achievements, we achieve

nothing, in all our trappings we are

naked, in all our thoughts, we are

mindless, if God isn't there!

Roddie Harris 11\6\95

One Burning Candle

One burning candle of Jesus reflection within, kindles

The candles of those who come under it's glow.

The flames dance as they collect light from the source

of Divine Presence.

Each leaps to another, as the wind of the Spirit #####

upon tile unlit candles giving them light.

That can not he extinguished, once they are divinely lit

By the Love of God upon an empty soul, who hungrily

Is drawn toward the flame.

One candle touching one empty life, touching the Eternal Flame,

we are His candles, the risen Christ is the Flame,

Calling us into everlasting life by name.

(c)Roddie Harris 1\31\95

The Mother Breath of God

Ever so gently You caress my troubled soul

You hold me tenderly, protecting me from the

storm clouds that ####.

Oh, Mother Breath of God, the comfort of

Your Wings are my resting place when things I

don't understand race across my mind.

Thank you, Mother Breath of God, that we are


You say "Come away with Me my child, to a place

of silence where we can be alone.

Where the world and it's confusion is far from

My Throne.

Where My Love is given to you, through the glory

of my Word.

take it, my child, like the new song, awaiting to

be heard."

Oh, Mother Breath of God, as I draw close to your

breast, and your feathers cover over me through

every trial and test. Let all that is within me,

the goodness you supply, be only Jesus, and Jesus

only, will be by mortal cry.

Roddie Harris 4\1993

Life For You and Me

What depth of Love

What depth of Love

burned an Calvary's Tree.

It wasn't just drops of blood

But life for you and me.

In a world that doesn't see

that turned and walked away

A tree, is just a tree.

But life for you and me.

As we reflect back in time

was it a day like today?

When the Father's Heart

broke when He gave His Son away

Is yesterday, like today?

It is for you and me?

What did He leave that day?

Was it only a burning Cross,

of years of stains,

or was it His shared Veins,

that released a life covered

in changes?

You decide,

does His life still remain,

I cry yes!

as I call upon His Name.

(c)Roddie Harris 4\7\93

The Risen Lord

Arise from your slumber,

oh my soul.

Awake from your clouded mind

the day of darkness will

become days of light.

What was once a question

will become an answer.

Deep in the center of your spirit

bubbling up like foam on

the ocean's sand the Truth

will surface.

Arise, oh my soul

don't let deceptive flesh

keep you hidden inside

it's foolishness.

Awake, shake off complacency and lack of


The Risen Lard will return

and darkness will be no more.

Nothing can destroy the


Yeshua said, "Destroy this temple

and I will raise again in three days".

What men thought was mere stone

was God's rebirth from their

destruction and limited vision.

We who are reborn in Yeshua

rejoice,' Light your lamp,

let not the slumber of past

hurts, unanswered prayer,

or disappointments keep you

in darkness.

A new day is dawning

the Truth, the Way, the Light

will come.

He wil1 take us into His temple forever,

and darkness will become eternal Life.

Roddie Harris 11\3\97

Jesus; The Planting of My Soul

Plant within me Eyes to see

what was in your thoughts

the night your Father called

you to His side.

The night He told you

you would be born to die.

Give me the Hope that was

planted within your heart

as your traveled through

the inner parts of Mary's


When your Spirit took life,

and your Father released you

into a world torn by sin,

and He cried,


Plant within me the Courage

you bore being different

that other human beings.

As you grew in body and the

child within died.

Plant within me the strength to

face the fears I hide deep inside

my mind.

When the cares of this world paralyze

and bind,

release me from the test of time.

Open up my soul, turn it inside out

when all that is within me is full

of pain,

pour out your Blood into my veins.

Let your Word grow

let it never be in vain

as you gave Your Life to me,

when I called our Your