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Poetry by Eva - Page Five

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The White Rose Remembered
[Ode to Hans and Sophie Scholl]

On February 18, 1943, twenty-five-year-old Hans Scholl and his
younger sister, Sophie [both Christians], along with other members
of the White Rose resistance movement who'd written, published,
and distributed anti-Nazi leaflets at universities throughout Germany,
were arrested. Tried by a people's court, they were unjustly
condemned and beheaded on February 22, 1943. As the
executioner's axe was lifted over his head, Hans shouted, "Long
live freedom!"

What were you thinking on that fateful day
When you were discovered basking in the Light of Truth,
Where no darkness could be found in you?
Fearless of evil, your spirit cried out,
But no one heard you or came to your aid --
That is, no one but the One Who'd filled your heart with perfect peace.
While the whirlwind of brutality swept by, you stood faithful;
Fear could not hold you down.
Your spirit cried out the more, saying,
"Christians, break the silence! You must break the silence!"
Even as your tear-stained leaflets scattered in the wind,
You remained true to your deep inward convictions.
Both you and your sister, Sophie, would
Stand bold and unashamed 'til the very end.
And your compatriots, inspired by your great sacrificial love,
Would soon join you in captivity, torture, and even death.
No, Hans, though he tried, the enemy of your soul
Could not silence the "Eternal" beating of your heart.
To this day, it is still heard through those lives
Who have counted the cost for freedom's sake.
Evil could not triumph over good!
Your sweet fragrance lingers on!

"Save Me L-rd or Else I Die!"

Tears flow freely from the valley,
From the valley of the heart,
Where all hurts and pains are suffered,
Where all joy seems to depart,
Where is felt deep dark depression,
Where is heard the sounds of woe,
Where one's soul is lost and dying,
Where one's life is sunken low.
When one cries in desperation,
"Save me L-rd or else I die",
Then pure Light shatters all darkness
And Salvation draweth nigh.

Redemption's Sweet Song

Across the sands of time,
Dancing to love's sweet song,
Are found two hearts united as one forever.
As the Light of Glory burst forth
And the angels bowed in reverence
And the wind whispered, "holy, holy, holy!",
As the two danced barefoot upon the mountains.
And love's Eternal Flame burned away the night,
Leaving a trail of sweet fragrance behind.
And the wind, gently blowing, fanned the flame
And the flame became an all consuming fire
And Jerusalem, unveiled, was welcomed by her King
And love was warm, sweet, and good
And fallen tears had ceased and were forgotten
And longed for peace finally invaded the land
And Redemption's Sweet Song played on and on
And Jerusalem smiled.

November 9-10, 1938

Poem by Eva

The uneasiness felt throughout the land
Did not point to "all was well".
Soon, the evil that was lurking
Like a cold, dark blanket fell.

Then was heard life's shattering sound
Throughout the German nation:
An horrific sound that stirred up
Hell's minions to exhilaration.

Rocks crashed through Jewish shop windows,
With glass shattering everywhere.
Synagogues were burnt fast to the ground
And homes were pillaged without a care.

They pleaded for mercy and for justice
From those who'd desired them dead.
While their neighbors, in deafening silence,
Quickly turned away their heads.

It was a night unlike all other nights
For Israel's sons and daughters
Just like sheep, they were led away,
Earmarked for the slaughter.

Kristallnacht was the very spark
that ignited the Holocaust,
A great and unspeakable evil
Where 6,000,000 Jewish lives were lost.

The entire world stood guilty
Of this crime against humanity
Hitler, the Nazis, the Church and the Nations
All played a role in this atrocity.

The bystanders were the largest group
Indifferent, filled with shame,
Their passivity and their silence
Helped ignite HaShoah's flame.

The lesson here speaks loud and clear.
Evil will yet prevail.
History will repeat itself
When good men, by their silence, fail.


When shall peace come?  When shall it be?
When we've driven all Israel into the sea!
No!  We're not interested in her holy sites,
In her doving rabbis or Menorah lights.
We're not interested in sharing her land,
Of living beside her or taking her hand.
We'll give the world what they long to hear,
That we're truly for peace so desired, revered.
Only, take a good look at our map designed,
Not with the name of "Israel", but of "Palestine".
Our aim has been full deception (a "hudna", if you please)
Which will eventually bring the whole world to its knees.
It's not "peace in the land" we're working toward
But the whole "piece of the land" with Allah's sword.
"The Drought"

The drought is come.

How hot and dry the thirsty land!

A barren and most desolate land,

Where cracked, parched lips

Cry out in vain for rain

And not a drop is found

To water earth or ease her pain.

How to reverse the curse that

Has plagued the soul of man?

Not mirth, I say, but tears

Shall reach and touch

The Master's hand.

O' humbled soul, take leave

And wail before G-D's throne!

Repent, cry out, turn from your sin,

And cease to roam!

Seek G-D's face!

His Name alone be glorified.

Prepare for rain, ye saints of His;

In Him abide!


For Love of You and Me

Soaring through the night sky,
Through stars and moon and sun,
My time on earth had ended;
My work on earth was done.

The sudden thrust my body felt
Had gripped my soul with fear,
Then peace, sweet peace, filled me
And caused my heart to hear.

"Be not afraid, My Darling,
As we soar to Kingdom's shore,.
Where My golden rays of glory
Can be seen through Heaven's door!

"There, stars and moon and sun
No longer give their light,
For My glory is sufficient there;
In Heaven, there is no night."

The very day He came for me
On my graduation day,.
No longer was I earth bound;
No longer made of clay.

For I took on Christ's glorious image
More brilliant than the sun,
And felt His love meld in me,
Uniting our hearts as one.

O' for the joys awaiting those
Who'd placed their trust in Him,
Who'd been forgiven of all their sins,
Who'd lived their lives for Him.

All the glories of Heaven awaiting
Across that crystal sea
Were prepared from time's beginning
For love of you and me.


"Rise up, My children, to My Call
To preach My Gospel Word!
Turn not away in fear or shame
From those souls who've never heard.
Heal the sick, cast out devils,
Do this in My Name.
Cleanse the leper, raise the dead,
Heal the blind and the lame.
For My Kingdom rests within you.
Go and set the captives free!
The oil of your annointing
Rests solely upon Me.
Believe that I am in you.
Hear Me and obey
Trust in Me and in My Word
And let Me have My way!"


In desperation, I sought Him amidst the maddening crowd.

He seemed so far away, this Man, Who was approaching death’s dark shroud.

Yet, inward pain kept driving me to climb up that rugged hill

Until at last I stood before the Lamb prepared to be killed.

“It’s me you want, not Him!” I cried.  But nobody seemed to hear.

“How could you take away His life?”  I cried out in penitent tears.

“I’m the murderer you set free!  Barabbas is my name!

“I’m the one who deserves to die!  Why is He taking my blame?

“I’m the defiled and guilty one!  Take my wretched life instead!

For I deserve the punishment that’s been placed upon His head!”

And all the while I shouted, I could hear the driving nails

Amidst the mocking, jeering crowd and the noise of sobs and wails.

Then ceased the sound of hammering.  When I looked up, my heart was pained

At the grueling sight before me:  A Man severely torn and bloodstained;

A Man shamed, humiliated, badly beaten and even worse; 

A Man highly rejected by others, mocked, derided, and even cursed.

And when the Cross stood erected, I saw Heaven’s opened door

Through Him Who freely took my place:  Yeshua [Jesus] my Savior and Lord.

“Forgive them Father”, I heard Him cry, “For they know not what they do.”

He was speaking of the whole wide world, not just the Romans and the Jews.

He was speaking of Barabbas while on the Cross of Calvary

Messiah [Christ] took my guilt and shame, and set this murderer free.


(“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son,

that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life” – John 3:16)


Free Me to Serve You, Dear L-RD!

If in my lifetime, I can see

The hopeless state of humanity,

I'd lend a hand and listening ear,

I'd speak words of comfort to all who'd hear,

I'd teach against all malice and strife

In hope it would help to change one life;

But only G-D's love can set men free,

So I ask, dear L-RD, You begin with me.

Remove every stone out of the way.

Free me, dear L-RD, to serve You today.


Betrothed to Amazing Grace


Day by day, moment by moment,

Entrust your life to Me.

Judge you not by what you feel

Nor judge by what you see..

Only listen for My voice.

Watch daily at My gates.

Wait on Me, dear child of Mine.

Take courage!  Do not faint!

My love will never fail you.

Rise up and take your place.

Rejoice, beloved, for you are Mine,

Betrothed to Amazing Grace!




Mercy ran before me

And opened wide her door

To the freshness of her presence:

A gift from Heaven’s shore

The rising of her splendor,

Like sunshine after rain,

Touched and healed my troubled soul

And made me whole again.



The line's been drawn in the sand.

Whose side are you on, G-D's or man's?

If G-D be G-D, then follow Him!

Turn your back on the world of sin!

Stand loyal to G-D and His righteous cause;

Obey His will and follow His laws!

G-D changes not; He's still the same.

Obey His Word; Honor His Name!

Stand up!  Arise!  It's time to show

The world, the G-D they do not know.

The sea of lost humanity

Will come to know "Blessed be He".

Choose this day whose side your on

Before the breaking of the dawn.

The line's been drawn in the sand.

Whom will you follow, G-D or man?


The days that we are living in,
Increasingly dark and cold,
Are times the prophets spoke of:
Evil days which they'd foretold.
"There is no G-D!" the billboards say.
"Remember, your life's your own!
Eat and drink and be merry:
For you answer to yourself alone!"
"We don't need G-D!" our leaders say.
"Now that we are in charge,
Look to us to lead the way!
We're now your 'gods-at-large!'"
We're living in the days
Where pure evil is accepted,
Where our judges stick their fingers at G-D,
Whose divine laws they've rejected.
Demoralization is their aim,
Kicking G-D out of our Nation
While schools brainwash our "future"
To perverse degradation.
Both Sodom and Gomorrah
Would blush to see our day;
For we have far surpassed them
In all our evil ways.
Only G-D's not dead, as some suppose!
He's very alive and well!
And those who have rejected Him
Will one day burn in Hell!


The key to G-D's heart is obedience,
Not mere service, pure faith or true love.
A great many today have forgotten:
"Not my will, L-RD, but Yours from above!"
Obedience should be our priority
If pleasing G-D is our souls' desire.
Though most difficult at times and painful,
It's the road that will lead us higher.
Yes, the key to G-D's heart is obedience;
He desires nothing more or less.
To obey Him and follow His footsteps
Will label us "eternally blessed".



Where are My people, My chosen, My elect?

Why have you turned aside,

You who have tasted My goodness and love,

My grace and salvation besides?


Why has your love towards Me waxed cold

And your devotion, you’ve given to others?

You’re foolishly walking a dangerous path,

Away from your Heavenly Father!


You’ve not cried out to Me or sought My face;

Instead, you’ve turned back to the world.

In an hour of indifference,

You’ve forgotten My love banner unfurled.


Return unto Me, My prodigal children!

Tell Me, why would you suffer loss?

Fully submit your hearts before Me

And I’ll purge away all your dross.


My joy shall be your companion.

My strength will see you through.

My Spirit shall rest upon you

And cover you like the morning dew.


Tell Me, why would you return to the world

To satisfy all your needs:

A world that is evil, dark and cold,

Full of murder and selfish greed;


A world plagued with wickedness,

Whose end is very near;

A world that despises truth and justice

And is void of all godly fear?


Why would you side with the devil,

Whose full aim is to destroy your soul?

Return unto Me and to all My ways,

And I’ll restore you and make you whole!


[Based on II Chronicles 33]
Manasseh, Judah's king,
Did great evil in G-D's sight.
Just like the heathen nations,
He spurned G-D's Holy Light.
Rebuilding shrines in high places
That his father had torn down,
He again reared heathen altars
For Baal worship all around.
He made groves for Ashtoreth
Throughout G-D's Holy Land,
Forbidden, evil practices
Which he'd built with his own hand.
He worshipped the hosts of heaven:
The sun, the moon, and the stars;
And even worshipped the planets:
Venus, Jupiter, and Mars.
He built altars in G-D's House
Where G-D's Name should rest forever,
Altars for the hosts of heaven,
Which was no small endeavor.
He passed his children through the fire
In Hinnom's evil place,
Where he'd offered them to Molech
To his shame and full disgrace.
He observed the times around him
Through false prophets who had lied.
He used evil enchantments
To invoke the "Lord of the Flies".
He used witchcraft in his worship,
Rebelling against G-D and His ways.
He turned to the worship of nature;
To the Devil he lauded his praise.
He dealt with familiar spirits,
Conjuring them up from the dead:
A practice strictly forbidden,
Full of vile and full of dread.
He dealt with the wizzards,
Who'd entertained him day and night.
Capturing his heart, they'd convinced him
That their god had more power and might.
Manasseh provoked G-D to anger
By setting an image in His House.
He caused Jerusalem to turn from the L-RD;
Full rebellion did he arouse.
Worse than the heathen did they do,
The ones G-D destroyed off His land.
The hearts of His people were led astray
By the works of their own hands.
So G-D led the Assyrian army,
Directed by His hand above,
To drag Manasseh to Babylon,
To punish the one whom He'd loved.
In the land of his captivity,
Manasseh remembered Abraham's G-D.
And in his great humility
Sought after His forgiving nod.
He poured out his heart like water.
He greatly humbled his soul.
He made supplications to the Father
To regather him back to his fold.
Manasseh humbled himself greatly
Under the chastening rod of G-D,
Desiring to walk in His ways once again,
Renouncing his evil, pride, and fraud.
He prayed to G-D for forgiveness
Regarding his sinful past.
Then G-D inclined His ear to him
And answered his cry at last.
So Manasseh was restored to Jerusalem
To his earthly kingdom's throne.
How he'd missed his place of birth,
The place that he'd called "home".
He did not waste one minute
To destroy the Devil's work.
He tore down all the evil places.
In doing right, he did not shirk.
Day by day, he sought to destroy
Every idol off the land.
Day by day, he sought to restore
All the ways of the Great IAM.
In holy and in reverent fear,
Manasseh restored the land,
Along with the people of Judah
To the G-D of Abraham.
Today, we need this message
So much more than ever before.
For it's only in returning to G-D
That we'll ever be fully restored.
We, too, have our own high places
Secret altars that must be destroyed
We have turned to man-made fixes
And to demons we have employed.
We've forsaken our Heavenly Father
And have walked on unholy sod,
Just like King Manasseh
Who had turned his back on G-D.
It's time to destroy the high places
And to seek after G-D's holy will.
Let us return unto G-D, O' His people
That His blessings upon us be fulfilled!
"[And the L-RD said unto Solomon,] 'If I shut up heaven that there be no rain, or if I command the locust to devour the land, or if I send pestilence among My people; If My people, which are called by My Name, shall humble themselves,and prayer, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways; Then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.'"  -  II Chronicles 7:13-14: 


Look to Me!
Only I can satisfy
Your deepest longings and heartfelt cry.
Open wide your heart to Me.
Trust Me, child, and you shall see.
My hand upon you all day long
Will lead you right and never wrong.
My truth shall carry you ere you go.
Incline your heart, My will to know.
Embrace My Everlasting Light
Trust Me, My child, both day and night.
Through all life's storms, I'll see you through.
My ceaseless love will carry you.
Look to Me and have no fear.
Listen closely and you shall hear
My faithful love healing your soul,
Mending your heart, and making it whole


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