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The White Rose Remembered
[Ode to Hans and Sophie Scholl]

On February 18, 1943, twenty-five-year-old Hans Scholl and his
younger sister, Sophie [both Christians], along with other members
of the White Rose resistance movement who'd written, published,
and distributed anti-Nazi leaflets at universities throughout Germany,
were arrested. Tried by a people's court, they were unjustly
condemned and beheaded on February 22, 1943. As the
executioner's axe was lifted over his head, Hans shouted, "Long
live freedom!"

What were you thinking on that fateful day
When you were discovered basking in the Light of Truth,
Where no darkness could be found in you?
Fearless of evil, your spirit cried out,
But no one heard you or came to your aid --
That is, no one but the One Who'd filled your heart with perfect peace.
While the whirlwind of brutality swept by, you stood faithful;
Fear could not hold you down.
Your spirit cried out the more, saying,
"Christians, break the silence! You must break the silence!"
Even as your tear-stained leaflets scattered in the wind,
You remained true to your deep inward convictions.
Both you and your sister, Sophie, would
Stand bold and unashamed 'til the very end.
And your compatriots, inspired by your great sacrificial love,
Would soon join you in captivity, torture, and even death.
No, Hans, though he tried, the enemy of your soul
Could not silence the "Eternal" beating of your heart.
To this day, it is still heard through those lives
Who have counted the cost for freedom's sake.
Evil could not triumph over good!
Your sweet fragrance lingers on!

"Save Me L-rd or Else I Die!"

Tears flow freely from the valley,
From the valley of the heart,
Where all hurts and pains are suffered,
Where all joy seems to depart,
Where is felt deep dark depression,
Where is heard the sounds of woe,
Where one's soul is lost and dying,
Where one's life is sunken low.
When one cries in desperation,
"Save me L-rd or else I die",
Then pure Light shatters all darkness
And Salvation draweth nigh.

Redemption's Sweet Song

Across the sands of time,
Dancing to love's sweet song,
Are found two hearts united as one forever.
As the Light of Glory burst forth
And the angels bowed in reverence
And the wind whispered, "holy, holy, holy!",
As the two danced barefoot upon the mountains.
And love's Eternal Flame burned away the night,
Leaving a trail of sweet fragrance behind.
And the wind, gently blowing, fanned the flame
And the flame became an all consuming fire
And Jerusalem, unveiled, was welcomed by her King
And love was warm, sweet, and good
And fallen tears had ceased and were forgotten
And longed for peace finally invaded the land
And Redemption's Sweet Song played on and on
And Jerusalem smiled.

In a world filled with hopelessness, pain, and despair,
Where morals are low and crimes everywhere;
Where are My voices who profess to know Me,
Who know what it's like to be bound and not free?
Won't you carry My Word to  the lost and the dying,
To the hearts that are broken, to the ones who are crying?
Look out from soul's window and I'll cause you to see:
There's a world full of people desperate to know Me.
By night, the vision came to me.
It found me trembling on my knees.
The sky grew black, and the thunder roared,
Then spake the Voice of my Risen L-RD:
"The hour is come, MY judgment's near.
Arise, My watchmen, My prophets and seers!
My Words recorded will all be fulfilled;
Every jot and tittle will perform My will.
Arise, My vessels, watch ye and pray!
For the hour is near: My judgment day!"
O' how I wish
I were able to fly
So high in the sky
On the wings of a dove,
On the wings of the morning,
When the sun is arising,
When peace is descending
In the Light of G-D's Love.
O' how my soul is waiting,
No, longing,
To be raptured away
To my home up above,
On the wings of the morning,
When the sun is arising,
When peace is ascending
In the Light of G-D's Love.
Brother against brother, hand against hand;
Dividing G-D's nation, dividing G-D's land.
Giving up land for the sake of "peace",
But the spirit of terrorism will only increase.
History has proven that appeasement has failed.
Look back and see how your enemies have prevailed!
Enemies who still laugh at your tribulation,
While planning for your total annihilation!
The Voce of the Trumpet is now crying out:
"Separate from the world!  From the nations, come out!"
Remember, HaShem is faithful and true.
What He said in His Word, the same He will do.
It was He, O' Israel, Who gave you the land.
It's time to unite and to take your stand!
November 9-10, 1938
The uneasiness felt throughout the land
Did not point to "all was well".
Soon, the evil that was lurking
Like a cold, dark blanket fell.
Then was heard life's shattering sound
Throughout the German nation:
An horrific sound that stirred up
Hell's minions to exhilaration.
Rocks crashed through Jewish shop windows,
With glass shattering everywhere.
Synagogues were burnt fast to the ground
And Jewish homes were pillaged without a care.
They pleaded for mercy and for justice
From those who'd desired them dead,
While their neighbors, in deafening silence,
Quickly turned away their heads.
It was a night unlike all other nights
For Israel's sons and daughters.
Just like sheep, they were led away,
Earmarked for the slaughter.
Kristallnacht was the very spark
That ignited the Holocaust,
A great and unspeakable evil
Where 6,000,000 Jewish lives were lost.
The entire world stood guilty
Of this crime against humanity
Hitler, the Nazis, the Church and the Nations
All played a role in this atrocity.
The bystanders were the largest group
Indifferent, filled with shame,
Their passivity and their silence
Helped ignite HaShoah's flame.
The lesson here speaks loud and clear.
Evil will yet prevail.
History will repeat itself
When good men, by their silence, fail.
"Never again!"  You've given your word.
Yet, we're standing alone and you're not even disturbed.
You've remained silent, not declaring our cause.
Against dividing our land and the trampling of G-D's laws.
Do you feel safe in the graves where you lie?
Are your ears deaf to your people's loud cry?
How cold is your heart?  How dry are your bones,
Knowing your brethren are being forced from their homes?
What are you doing?  You've said, "Never again!"
Our question to you is, will you lend us a hand?
Will you open your heart to all that is true?
Will you stand in defense of your fellow Jews?
Will you break the silence and come out of your graves?
Will you come out of "Egypt" and be courageous and brave?
Will you return to the old ways in which you were taught?
Remembering how your forefathers for you had fought?
They fought for your freedom and led you to the land,
While holding tightly to G-D's powerful Hand!
"Never again!" Let your actions ring clear
For love of HaShem and all that is dear!
Great servants of G-D, who followed His Voice in days gone by,
Could not be moved by compromise: to the flesh they'd chosen to die.
In deep humility, they arose obedient to their call,
Accepting the work commissioned them as rebuilders of Jerusalem's wall.
They were His anointed messengers:  His mouth, His feet, His hands;
They listened intently to His still, small Voice and followed His every command.
They were conscious of His holy power, they ruled in His authority.
In a land filled with perversion, they proclaimed G-D's holy decrees.
They were the hearers of heavenly secrets obtained from the Throne of Grace.
Forsaking all things behind them, they followed their sweet Ancient of Days.
They were men of prayer and communion who'd stood in the councils of G-D.
Their consecrated lives leaned heavily upon His staff and rod.
They rebuked all social injustice, against sin they stood fearlessly.
Guided by G-D's holy will, they helped "blind" eyes to see.
Who were these men and women of faith who'd soared in eagle's sky?
They were G-D's holy standard bearers who held His banner high.
G-D is my Hope and Refuge.
I will trust and be not afraid.
I will confide in Him,
I will rely on Him
In the heat or in the shade.
I will serve Him with thanksgiving.
I will worship,
I will praise.
I will lift up His Holy Name forever
And follow Him all of my days.
The Word of G-D does
The Work of G-D.
G-D is bound by
His Word divine.
Precept upon precept and
Line upon line.
Here a little, there a little,
He draws us to His shore.
Where our own works cease
And we taste sweet peace
And human reasoning
Walks out the door.
How could it be?  What is the cause?
What have I done?  I've broken no laws!
Why all the anger? I don't understand.
Why are we Jews hated throughout the land?
Where is my family?  Where is my home?
O' how the darkness around me has grown!
Hurry!  Hurry!  The train whistle is calling.
The cattle cars are filling.  The stench is appalling.
All around me babies are crying.
Old men are praying, people are dying.
The shock of it all:  It happened so quick.
My awakening soul had become violently sick.
The train finally stops within hell's gate,
The doors fly open to a most gruesome fate.
Why were there ashes all over the ground?
Like flakes of snow, they were still falling down.
The silence was deafening, though thousands stood there
Awaiting selection, camp clothes and shorn hair.
Mothers and their children soon disappeared.
In silence, I watched, while my heart gripped with fear.
Like sheep, they were led away to the slaughter
No one took pity on Israel's sons and daughters.
"Work makes free!"  The cold, black iron gate read.
Abide by the rules or you find yourself dead.
The world knew of this devilish place
Yet, they turned their backs in full disgrace.
Instigators, perpetrators, collaborators, and more.
Nations and Churches to the Jews closed their doors.
Yes!  The entire world sat silently by.
Closing their ears to humanity's loud cry.
How could this have happened, this evil atrocity,
When most nations of the world were democracies?
That day, they came for me, a Jew.
Don't think it can't happen to you!
I said:  "Heart of darkness, where all evil prevails,
Where voices are silent and morality fails,
What small reason, tell me true,
Your intense hatred for the Jew?"
He said / she said, without shame:
"It's not so hard to meter blame!
They're only getting their just dues.
They're simply hated because they're Jews!"
Most of the world is fast asleep
At the midnight hour.
Arise, ye watchmen of the night,
And mount your city's tower!
Be ready to give an answer
To all you see and hear.
Do you see the enemy approaching?
Is he far or is he near?
Arise, ye watchmen of the night;
Guard well your city's gates!
Blow the trumpet, sound the alarm
Before it is too late!

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