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Psalm 122.6 "Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: They shall prosper that love thee."

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Remember O' Israel

Could you forget all the way G-d has led you,
Fed you, and clothed you, time and again?
Could you forget His great love and devotion,
The bountiful blessings He's poured on your land?

Could you forget the joy of His presence,
Sweet heavenly dew, liquid gold from above?
Could you forget the mighty hand Who'd delivered you
Out from the wilderness, because of His love?

Could you forget His great care and provision,
Sheltering you from your enemies' hand?
Could you forget His blessed assurance
To regather and bring you back to the land?

Could you forget His covenant unbroken?
Remember, O' Israel, and return to His throne!
Could you forget Your Husband Eternal
Awaits you with open arms to welcome you home.



When faith flew through my window,
on silvered wings of prayer.
She gently whispered to me,
sweet peace beyond compare.
"Stay close by Me", she whispered.
"Allow me to embrace your heart,
with joys unspeakable and full of glory,
banishing away all doubt.
Together, we'll soar the highest mountains,
Lay low the valley's floor,
Transcend the winds of worship and praise,
As we enter through Heaven's door.

"Next Year In Jerusalem!"

Hear, ye sacred relics of old,
Ye treasured stones gleaned from
Jerusalem's Temple Mount!
Spiritually upon bent and bleeding backs,
You were borne into exile,
Where prayer was made and
Torah not forgotten.
Though marred, cold and silent,
You've withstood the test of time,
Faithfully reminding each new generation,
Whose life's blood is found absorbed in you:
"Leshana Haba B' Yerushalayim!"
(Next Year in Jerusalem!")



The time has come, 'O Israel
For the "mighty exodus",
As all nations open up their doors
From the North, South, East and West.

Speak to the North "Give up!"
And to the South, "Keep not back!"
Shout to the very ends of the earth,
"Arise, it's time to pack!"

You are that "coat of many colors",
Uniquely and wonderfully made.
Heed the Voice of your Heavenly Father,
And make "Aliyah" today.


"Righteousness Exalteth A Nation..."
[Proverbs 14:34]


Great kings and rulers throughout the ages
Have governed o'er many a land.
Often forgetting their ruling authority
Was given them by G-d's mighty hand.
They were chosen to rule on behalf of His Kingdom,
In justice and in righteousness,
Called to uphold G-d's Holy Standards,
That they and their land would be blessed.


"Woe Unto You, Shepherds of Israel"

"Behold, I am against you, shepherds of Israel!
I will require My flock at your hands.
For you've done nothing but feed yourselves,
While My flock dies daily in the land.

"The diseased have you not strengthened,
Neither have you extended My healing hand
Nor have you bound up that which was broken
Nor won back unto Me the backslidden man.

"You have not cared for the downcast, the weak,
Who've fallen prey to every beast in the field.
Therefore, I, the L-rd, will seek them out;
I will search out every field.

"I will bring back those who are lost.
I will bind up the broken-hearted.
Rejection by you had caused them to stray;
I will bring them back to where they started.

"I will deliver those who are plagued by disease;
The sick in the world will I heal.
But woe unto you, shepherds of Israel,
Who've kept back from doing My will.

"Then shall they all know Me.
No longer will they be taught by man,
For I will teach them by My Spirit.
I will lead them home to the Promised Land!"
Thus saith the L-rd YHWH-ROHI.


"THE L-RD IS..."

The L-rd is my Rock;
A constant shelter from the storm.
He is my High and Mighty Fortress,
Who protects me from all harm.
The L-rd is my Deliverer
From my enemies warring hand.
He's brought me out of bondage
And into the Promised Land.
The L-rd is my G-d,
My Savior... there is no other.
But most of all the L-rd is
My loving, Heavenly Father.



He's always there when we need Him
And even when we don't.
He loves us when we will
And even when we won't.
He feeds us when we're hungry
And even when we're full.
And freely gives us water,
Drawn out from His Heavenly pool.
And when we've grown tired and weary,
He gently restores our soul.
And we... the sheep of His fold.



I can see the Jordan River,
A sailing ship, transfiguring now in sight.
I can see the Master, with outstretched hands
Beckoning me this night.
I am slowly sinking,
Deep waters, I cry for help,
"L-rd please take my hand!"
And with smiling face He gently lifts me
Towards the warmth of the sun;
The Promised Land.



I journeyed into a peaceful valley
With laughter, singing and such delight.
It seemed I'd been traveling all the day long,
Yet still no darkness; only light.
I see children playing.  I hear music playing.
There, lamb and lion grazed side-by-side.
Yet no fear nor anguished faces,
There no traces did I spy.
Where was I?  Streets of gold.
I've seen the young, now where's the old?
All healthy bodies, no one crying.
Singing, shouting all the day long.
Is it real or will I wake up?
For now my heart sings right along.


"The Potter's Wheel"

G-d, the Master Potter,
Has a special plan for you.
Though you may not fully understand
The suffering you are going through.
Disappointment, pain and sorrow,
Will always come our way.
Yet there is blessed hope still found
For a formless mass of clay.
And when His work is finished,
Your life will reveal
The glorious design G-d made of you
Upon "The Potter's Wheel".


"The Big Sky Parade"

Somewhere between the moon and stars
The silvery sea of glass is laid.
There ships of every size and shape
Sail by in "The Big Sky Parade".
Dazzling lights, capturing the night,
Enveloping a young child's dream.
A fragile canopy, covering the earth,
Projected by giant moonbeams.
Sleep on My child, till the morning light
When the ships are no more.
For they lie, well hidden, within
The Sun...
Behind the daytime door.

"For Jerusalem's Sake!" 

How can I rest serenely
In a strange and foreign land,
Knowing Eretz Yisrael
Is in dire need of a helping hand?

How can I remain silent
When love's flame within me burns?
How can I turn my eyes away
From the land my spirit yearns?

Am I my brother's keeper?
Or do I turn away a deafened ear
To the sound of distant drums,
As storm clouds are drawing near?

Oh what bonds in unity,
Love can never break
Where heart and soul unite as one
For Jerusalem's sake!


"Who Among You for G-d will Stand?"  

Running across Mount Carmel's ridge With burning flame in hand, Is found the spirit of Elijah still crying: "Who among you for G-d will stand?"   "How long will you halt between two opinions? Two masters you cannot serve! Return unto G-d, the G-d of your fathers; Full honor is what He deserves!"   What manner of man so bold, so fierce, Who shunned all doubt and fear, Would stand in the face of lawlessness, Pronouncing G-d's judgment clear!   O' blazing Fire of Elijah's torch, Rekindle our spirits once more! Constrain us to follow the L-rd our G-d And to honor His Name evermore!   Honor Him, ye chosen peoples; Arise in His righteousness! Return, wayward sons, to the G-d of your fathers, That you and your seed might be blessed!    

Newness of Life Is Promised Again, Israel!  


O' burning flame, devouring flame,

You are my friend.

For You silence all my fears,

You banish all my doubts,

You consume me with Your burning.

I am just a child,

A child in need of a home,

In a land that is mine.

I am tired of roaming the earth.

I am tired of eating dust.

I am tired of shadows following me.

I see in dreams, a land full, rich, and free.

It is there my heart longs.

It is there my heart lives.

Awake my soul!

Awake from the ashes!

Awake and be clothed!

Arise upon the wings of the morning!

For I miss my Mother --

She awaits me in that distant land,

The land of my birth -- Jerusalem.

What distance is there in dreams?

For the sun shines and the rain falls

And newness of life is promised again,



Famine In The Land    


Hungry, lonely, fear-filled faces

Peering through life's window pane,

Searching, searching, ever searching

For that tender seed of grain.

O' the famine, dastardly famine,

Riding through the streets of man,

Holds no mercy for the dying;

Full destruction is his plan.

"Arise, My children, for My glory.

Take up My Sword and be ye shod.

For the famine that is fast approaching

Is not for bread, but for the Word of G-d."  


A Christian's Response to

 "Arab Poem of Peace (Rest in Peace Jew)"  


Because I'm a Christian, I will pray for you.

May your heart be opened

To peace that is true.  


Your hatred that drives you

Can never win;

Your life of destruction

Breeds solely from sin.  


You lay down your life

For vanity and pride,

But you'll awaken one day

On Hell's fiery side.  


Your violence and hatred

Against Christians and Jews

Has stripped you of the peace

Your mind has refused.  


What beautiful flowers

Can ever germinate

Out of a cold, hardened ground

Filled with anger and hate?  


Your killings, your bombings,

Your violence to date,

Will never win you peace

Or a "paradise state".  


For peace starts in the heart

Where true freedom lies.

It's not found in false dreams

That your suicide can buy.

This poem is in response to the hate poem

("Because I am a Palestinian", by Ayman Al-Skafi).   


The Mighty Exodus  


There's a stirring amongst the nations,

As the wind of G-d's Spirit blows.

He's opening wide the graves of His people,

Leading and guiding them home.  


He's breathing "new" life into His people.

Hear the tambourines loudly playing His songs!

The dry bones in the valley are collecting,

They're no longer weak but mighty and strong.  


"Who has borne these to me?" cries Jerusalem,

Where do they all come from?

Could this be G-d's prophecy fulfillment?

What I've waited for so very long?  


Hear G-d's Voice, O' daughter of Zion,

Open wide your city's gates.

For your kinsmen will be vastly returning

At an alarming rate.  


For the hand of the L-rd is gathering.

Out from all nations His children shall come.

His mighty power will stun all the nations.

He's now regathering His people as one.  


Hear the noise of bones come together,

Arising out of the dust.

Prepare, prepare, O' My people

For  "The Mighty Exodus".


Diamond Tears  


In Heaven there are bottles

Filled with precious tears,

Collected by the hand of G-d

Throughout the countless years.  


Tears reserved for days of drought --

How dry and parched the land!

Tears released for love of G-d

And for love of man.  


There's a healing river flowing

Out from G-d's heavenly throne

Mixed and mingled with diamond tears

His servants on earth had sown.  


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