Genesis and the Big Bang Theory 

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For Christians, the heart of the issue comes down to the question "Does the concept of a Big Bang type creation event undermine or support Scripture?"  This article endeavors to investigate these possibilities.

1.  Dr. Hugh Ross, astrophysicist, pastor and Christian scientific apologist states the "Big Bang Theory' is totally in agreement with the Genesis account of creation.  See Dr. Ross on YouTube (below):


        i. For an article interrviewing Dr Ross, read "Does the Big Bang Contradict Creation?" at Come Reason Ministries.

2.  A possible explanation for the  harmony of the Biblical Genesis account of creation and the modern cosmological Big-Bang Theory has been described in an editorial in (click).

3. A previously posted article in articulates the compatability of the "Big Bang Theory" with the "Genesis Creation Account"

The Standard Model – the Big-Bang hypothesis - is 100% compatible to the Biblical narrative in the opening chapters of Genesis. Time dilation and time stretching make it possible for the 6-day creation period of Genesis to be the same as the eighteen billion year creation period of the Standard Model. God's perception of time is different to our perception of time. In Psalm 90:4 we read "A thousand years in Your eyes are as a day that passes" and from Einstein's General theory of Relativity (1916) we learn that gravity affects the space-time continuum, in other words the changes in gravity affect the rate at which time passes. Time is not absolute. Time is as flexible as the available differences in the force of gravity, and the speed of motion across a boundary that separates the observer from the observed. Relativistic time dilation, the difference in perceived time, makes the six-day creation period of Genesis compatible with the eighteen billion years creation period of Cosmology.

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