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The divider ruins a nation

Clever man with clever friends

Plans made long ago

Now with forceful cunning,

Invisible powers at the side

Mind energized, mind transformed

Evil seductive control

"Prince of Darkness" so cunning, so clever.

One humble man walks in the light

True wisdom rains down from heaven

The good planted seed grows

Equipped fully for the time, for this very season

Clothed with Spirit armor as written

Truth of Messiah's Spirit a sharp sword that cuts finely,

Precisely moves and removes, divinely penetrates

Power to separate a child from the world,

To lead many others the same

Eternal revelation of life, its very essence;

Way of freedom from the pretenders,

Liberation from clumsy merchants of death

Who peddle fear and lust as commodities

Earthly riches to be desired, possessed,

Temporal treasures to always hunger for.

Even as the enemy devours

The one who hates destroys them

Treated as mere flies

Seen as animals led to the slaughter,

Mocking and scoffing at the Creator;

The Holy One who sits as Judge

Threw out the "dark lord" as trash

As refuse to the earth,

Vast garbage heap growing daily.

He or she who is wise in America

Has escaped "as a bird from a snare",

Now stands free in salvation

Pulls many others from the muck

Clutch of the enemy

From the mire, the deadly snare of SELF;

A hand of compassion reaches out

A hand of peace holds tightly

Humble and gentle hand

Spread out across the Universe.






Love's gentle call as the coo of a dove carried on the winds

Tender nudge of the human heart

Stroke of kindness and comfort on the mind

Merciful touch to wipe away any tears,

To melt the stress and anxiety of the world

Soothing voice, powerful voice thrilling, penetrating, most wonderful,

Overcomes the flesh now prostrate before Him,

Lifts up the spirit in strength to stand true.

Honesty looks openly within at unworthiness

But, our God makes possible the impossible;

To soar boldly above this place

Free of its fear and greed and hatred,

To glide with silver wings of peace

Eyes that see very far, very clear

Ears that hear the Voice of Mystery speak

A mouth that tastes Bread from Heaven

Eternal Manna that never spoils or fades

An abundance always offered

Freely given, matching every great flow of love,

Gushes over every offering in prayer

Flowing as a ruby red river of fire upon each sacrifice of the soul and spirit;

Incense rises before the marvelous Throne

Mixed in the smoke of thanksgiving,

Purest, jealous love covers these who are forever His own.







Found in His mercy,

His kindness and gentleness,

The greatness of our God.

Tender forgiveness beyond smallest details-

Care for a lost child

Care for a forgotten elder, both treated the same,

Both cast off by harsh humanity,

Embraced in the end by His love

Arms that can love when none else can;

At the end of human effort, human emotions spent,

More than a father, a mother

More than a relative, a close neighbor

Or the most compassionate grandfather.

Greatness displayed in the many little things all about us

Things even too small to see,

Beyond human understanding.

The One who rules God's creation is able

Lord of all comfort

God of all compassion,

Each leap of mankind's knowledge in self discovery

Melts in the face of divine holiness.

Ruler who looks upon all human weakness and foolishness

And still loves, still cares

Even as the world's hatred rises up as acrid vapor

Or a choking dust cloud above the Sahara;

Still cares, and creatively works out His mercy,

That as many as possible, everywhere

Can discover their Creator

Who strides across the heavens,

Upon the seas in turmoil on earth,

And speaks a living word

That calms a soul and finally brings lasting peace.






Destined before time

In the perfect plan of our perfect God

A new creation in Him,

A new creation joined as one.

Two drawn together even from the ends of the earth

Divine knowledge held out

Gift of love to share

One heart open to another

Mysterious ways of love

Intimate knowledge poured into one another

As seeds, as pearls sown within.

Lives joined together, strengthened to walk this troubled earth

To taste and hear the only victory in perseverance

The only path to personal triumph in endurance

Discovery of the secret walk

Hidden treasure found within another,

Invisible hands teach human hands how to love

How to caress and comfort, to encourage and touch the heart,

To celebrate within human bodies

Expressions of lasting truth,

Hearts and minds that have learned to care

From that very first kiss of truth

The secret of love in loving the other first

In loving the Creator first

The One who formed desire within

Poured out the blessing of righteous longing

Then brought two together to live out the beauty;w

The mystery of Heaven's way,

Of a man joined with a woman

A woman joined with a man,

Who stand together before their God.






A new place to run to

A secret map to follow

Hidden treasures to find;

Along an exciting flowing stream

Large branches of trees hang low

Big rocks and things to climb.

Have to walk carefully

Cannot just run,

Something out there

Something hidden from me and you

A new place to find

A special hole to dig

A special search to do.

So, we dig and chop and search, and dig some more

Deeper into the ground we go

No turning back

More and more always to be found we know

And we did and dig again.

Hands all dirty, maybe a scratch or a cut or two,

Clothes the same;

That map with a plan,

Everything we read says so

We know it; yes, we know it

Our shovels will soon show it

Our minds will grow it

Our hands will soon hold it.

What our ears have heard

Our eyes will see

Yes, our hands will hold it!

In the land of true living,

In the land of real adventure.






He sits with quiet, a noble calm

As power radiates throughout the Universe

Eternal life pulses as worship all about

Love for His own, even remnant Jacob,

Countless angels in purest devotion

Remnant of mankind from the small earth wear crowns of humility.

As the donkey carried Him faithfully

The gentle King received their praise

And wept over His Jerusalem

City of the Great King, city without understanding

In tragic rebellion

Stubborn defiance by foolish leaders

Greed out of control in merchants;

But some in the crowds could see

Some in the cheering numbers could hear and begin to grasp,

The jubilant in celebration, 

The relative few who understood dropped to their knees,

Bowed in honor as He passed by.

The Great King misunderstood by a generation

Betrayed by the realms of power

The same treachery that lives in America now.

Yet, in the wisdom of God

Seeds of knowledge to be carried by a few here and there

Would germinate in hearts and spirits

Would sprout and grow

A tree much greater than seen by Daniel in Babylon

All the birds of the nations in its branches

All the creatures of the world protected beneath its branches

As gathered beneath wings from Heaven;

A rock becomes a great mountain

Fills the entire earth for a thousand generations,

Even Mount Zion, throne of the Holy King.






He stands firm till the end,

Very strong, but not his strength, his Lord's,

When victory is seated on the throne

Triumph strides through the streets of Jerusalem,

He stands and waits with all the others, as a true disciple

Bows low to the ground as the Holy One passes,

Eyes not worthy to behold the Majesty;

Lord of his mercy

Healer of all lepers

Lord of his life.

The battles fought were difficult

The dark lord more crafty, more vicious

His ruthless, fierce army more tenacious

Relentless treachery until the final crushing beneath the heel,

Foot of the Sovereign One upon the head and neck.

Battle weary as a worn out rag,

Then, a hand places a cup of water to the lips

A few drops that revive

A few sips that strengthen

A final drink that enflames eternal zeal and righteous passion

As he stands once again and charges out one last time

To finish his part of the kingdom work

The King always in sight,

The Lord always at hand.






A solitary walk in the dim moonlight

Heart looks to the heavens

Suddenly lost in a beautiful night sky,

And, I thought I saw an angel

Moving across this Western Sky

Beautiful singing and I wondered why?

Was it a vision

Or like a dream, I'm not certain at all,

But I heard singing

And I heard my name called-

"Clear eyes, clean hands and a pure heart",

"Clear eyes, clean hands and a pure heart".

Then a trumpet call pierced the air

A sound much like my name followed

I don't know why?

With such beautiful voices

A chorus, I wonder why?

"Gary- "Clear eyes, clean hands and a  pure heart"',

"Clear eyes, clean hands and a pure heart".

And the trumpet sounds grew louder and then even louder

A strong voice joined in- "Warrior, warrior of the Lord"

"Warrior, warrior of the Lord with-

Clear eyes, clean hands and a pure heart",

"He walks with Yeshua, he walks in His love

He talks with Yeshua, he talks in His love with

Clear eyes, clean hands and a pure heart

Clear eyes, clean hands and a pure heart".

Then, it all quickly faded,

Melted into the star struck night sky.







Compassion of the Spirit of the Lord

Love compels in heaven's mercy

Love compels the tender reach of truth,

Gentle understanding of rich individual worth, wealth in each one

As another woman crosses his path

At work, on the beach, at a park, marketplace, internet,

Beautiful as a jewel, work of the Artist.

With quiet prayers, gentle words with a caring touch to the soul,

Kind pull on the mind,

Eyes look sincerely into eyes

Bright windows that tug

The sweetness of the light of heaven's truth offered,

Penetrates to the soul, even the spirit

Honest hands seek to lift up

To pour out some oil of comfort

A sharp sword to challenge with precision

Goodness freely held out;

A righteous caress

And a kiss of truth on the heart,

Words spoken clearly, graciously

A drink of living water held out

In this careful embrace of a stranger

Who no longer is one.

Eyes can see a little more of the end from the beginning.







High in the sky

As the clouds blow on by

Higher and higher

Up into the sky

My hand reaches out

I can touch the blue

Like my finger-paints

I can really touch the blue.

Air rushes past my face

Like water on my face

Like tickles from angels,

Quick touches ruffle my hair,

Move along my face.

I close my eyes to see differently,

Am I a bird?

Or another white cloud floating along above Texas?

My stomach goes up

My stomach sinks down,

Maybe an astronaut landing on the moon!

Or a dolphin skipping on ocean waves,

Like running through a park

My strong tail splashing.

Then with my eyes wide open

I jump from the swing

To see how far I can glide.






As the purest stream, peace flows

Kindness from a heart of love

Gentleness from the only Source

Father of compassion in goodness

God of all comfort in caring

Son of the Father in tenderness and faithfulness

Who moves heaven and earth literally,
Nations and kingdoms,

People, tribes, languages,

To establish clear order for even one.

Impartial, to straighten the crooked

Indiscriminate, to bring low the mountains,

Who only looks upon the heart as He raises up the valleys;

Drowns the islands of pride

Heavy chain for those who gather in arrogance,

Laughs at the rebels, the stubborn

The dividers, who lust for darkness through lies.

Higher than any mountain, the small gate of the Cross

Looms powerfully over all the earth,

Trumpet call of the peaceful Spirit draws many to enter,

These chosen, willing to hear, are robed as lambs with His peace

They carry Messiah's peace as proof

Mercy boldly held out as a kind hand,

Any who take it

Are joined as one;

Those who scoff,

The cunning who put one against another,

The clever who turn brother against brother,

Demonic spirits who agitate, inspire and control,

Who mock and jeer as those who embraced the ruthless Roman military,

Cursed and spit at the only true peace on earth,

That day,

That hour when darkness reigned,

Sealed their doom

Embraced their eternity

Future place of unspeakable torment,

Spoken by the true prophets,

Spoken by Yeshua, the Son. 






Each soul runs a race

Whether fast or slow or in between

Each simply must run to win;

Yet, no competition rises up,

No threat of losing, coming to a dead end

And seeing only loss after sincere, honest efforts.

A strong arm stretches about the shoulders

Ready help and comfort at the side,

Constant warmth of steady encouragement.

In the atmosphere of God's love

Each breath of peace drawn

Becomes a breath of faith experienced,

A narrow road leads from the small gate entered freely by each one.

Many footsteps of individuality to follow, all uniquely set

Hills and mountains to climb

Valleys and fields to cover

Rivers to cross, seas to travel

And always wilderness deserts to seemingly wander.

In this race of true peace

Many small victories, more forgotten earthly defeats;

People loved, people forgiven, including your self

As the power of faith endures

Supernatural strength always wins the new day.

The Kingdom crowds all wait to cheer at the finish

Joyful embraces, brightest victory banners

Heartfelt celebration of your finest victory

As each one is highly honored.

True joy has only grown in completion with each step closer,

Each leap of gladness into the waiting arms

The radiant King of Heaven and Earth who greets each soul,

The fire and zeal of your victory seen from the very beginning,

Already completely settled within His eyes.






Peace flows

Peace flows from the heart of God

From the hand of Messiah

From the words of Yeshua

From beneath the Eternal Throne

The crystal river streaming down the street of New Jerusalem.

A pure stream from a heart of  love

Kindness and gentleness from the  only Mountain Source

Father of compassion in goodness

God of all comfort in tenderness

Son of the Father in complete faithfulness,

Who literally moves Heaven and Earth,

Nations and Kingdoms,

Peoples, tribes, languages

To establish clear order for one,

Impartial to straighten the crooked

Indiscriminate to bring low the proud mountains

Who only looks upon the heart as He raises up the valleys;

Drowns the islands of pride

Heavy chains for those who gather in arrogance

Laughs at the haughty rebels, the stubborn,

The dividers who ruin nations, leaders who lust through lies.

Higher than any earthly mountain, the small gate of the Cross

Looms over all the earth.

A simple call of the peaceful Spirit draws many to enter,

All newly chosen are robed as lambs with His peace

Even Egypt, ancient Assyria and Israel in fellowship as prophesied;

Each person carries Messiah's own peace as clear proof to all

Mercy boldly held out as a kind hand,

Those who take it

Join as one.

But those who scoff

The cunning who put one against another

The clever who turn brother against brother

Demonic spirits who agitate, inspire and control,

Mock and jeer as the many who embraced the Roman military rule,

Cursed and spit at the only true peace on earth,

That ancient day,

That hour when darkness reigned,

They sealed their doom

Embraced their eternity

Place of unspeakable torment

Spoken of by the prophets

Spoken of by the Holy Son

Who sits as the final Judge.




   Hidden Treasure - A Gift

   Gary Bertnick


A walk through the many fields of this life

Beauty easily seen, woven into such mystery

Flowers and butterflies

Men and women and children, ourselves,

A hummingbird sips from a backyard feeder on a cold, frosty morning.

The heart tugs at purpose and deepest meaning

Yet, the body, the mind of the world pulls away

Letting go of these precious moments when we marvel

Stand in awe as children, child-like once more

Hands of trust take hold of what draws us near,

Riches this world cannot offer

True wealth hidden in plain view,

Gift that patiently waits

Quietly as early morning dew

Jewels and silver and gold upon the common earthly grasses,

Even time stands still

Then steps aside for a greater reality

A kiss of Heaven's truth sweet upon the lips

Beauty that lasts, drapes as robes about the shoulders

Heavenly clothing simply unmatched.

But those voices call out

To envy the stars, the rich of the world

Desire the fame and wealth of the few

Who stand alone in pride

Parade of appetites that only widen and lengthen

Until the earth itself is drowned

And all spirit sensitivity is forever lost!

But many have chosen the humble path

Who drink from a most beautiful cup

Wisdom the sharpest sword flashes from above,

Those who truly seek, who search for more than just gold

Righteous embrace of the greatest gift

Revelation peacefully settled within,

God's pure gift of love, of life for us all,

For those willing to unwrap His timeless present. 






The warmest, the strongest embrace

Most soothing, gentle caresses

Satisfaction complete in absolute tenderness

Fulfillment in lasting strength of comfort,

In the very moment when the heart and mind realize,

When the soul is purely covered with the most beautiful blanket

When eternal Sabbath rest settles in revelation within the spirit

True freedom is born once more;

The revelation of Divine love has just begun,

A relationship of righteous love dances about

In displays of purest worship

In delightful expressions of joy,

Praise songs, as a fountain of youthful movements

Honor wonderfully birthed within.

Even as Mary at her Lord's feet that day

Looking and listening

Love's intensity reflected in her eyes

Drinking in experiences without words to quicken understanding

Adoring and so quiet before the Holy One,

Mysterious Lover of her soul.

All she ever longed for

Everything she ever yearned for,

Peace and fullness and true shalom;

Every possible provision

Every true need simply unfolded in a living, precise moment of eternity

Source of creation always before eyes that can see

Ears fully opened to hear, heart to understand

All soon to be revealed

All soon to be made known, as she was known

Rest and peace in glorious vision

Israel's King of destiny and High Priest of foreknowledge

Clearly before them all,

Seated in splendor on His majestic Jerusalem throne.




The temple of His presence

Temple of our bodies;

The Temple in ruins

Not one stone left on another as spoken

Tears run down the faces of old men

They weep as little children at the sight,

Hearts broken

Spirits crushed

No hope can be sensed, imagined.

Cries and deep moans rise for a nation

A people, tribes once favored, a family now cast aside,

Left in the ditches of an abandoned dirt road

It trails off into the desert sunset,

Into the middle of nowhere.

But, the God of Justice looks back once more

His righteous passions kindled

Humbles Himself to look upon the Earth

Certainly fruit will be harvested

Once more men and women will lift holy hands

Mouths will sing praises, with skills of musicians,

All creation raised up

As if from the dead.

Eyes given to see, ears given to hear

A Spirit to know

They will call upon the Name

They will call upon the Name of the Lord

More than a song by Solomon.

Love builds up

The God who is love builds us up ever more

A life on knees in repentance soars as a prayerful aroma

Broken and humble hearts beneath Heaven with wings as a spring fragrance

Will be lifted up very high

Into the Heavens seated near the Holy Throne,

Splendor and Majesty beyond mere words,

To look into the Face of Pure Light

The Holy Face of Glory

The God of Love, our Creator,

The Face of our God, our Lord of Love!






From morning to evening

Night to day the same

Sunrise to sunset and back again

The body needs to breathe clean air,

Fresh, cool and beautiful air

A pure expression into the lungs and blood flow,

Rushes throughout the waiting body

Satisfied until the very next breath taken;

Thirst needs a ready drink

Clean spring water or deep well water

Runs smoothly into the mouth

As rivers flow into the seas,

Currents move  throughout the oceans,

Underground rivers, aquifers, underground lakes

Water always on the move

Quenches each and every thirst as basic need reaches out.

A lover passionately needs to love a lover,

Birds need to fly

Fish need to swim

Hunger drives the need to aggressively hunt,

And a restless man and a restless woman search

Long for another soul, seek the other one

Intimate treasures of the heart completely to be revealed,

One soul fully spent to embrace that unique other.


God, our Creator, watches from above

And desires to fully reveal His love in His Son

But, who will seek it

Who will bow and reach past stars for it?

To look beyond themselves to see and taste a simple, yet consuming need!

To know Him is to love Him

To love Him is to know Him even more,

Knowledge grows from a precious seed of human need

Planted in a man, in a woman, in every child

Righteous need truly a gift created within a life

Within a heart, a spirit

Within a soul, a mind.

Yet, for now, a mysterious inner lack, barely sensed

Rarely understood,

Until this jeweled need overwhelms,

Gives birth to sovereign destined circumstances

A new hunger

A new thirst of the deepest kind rises from the spirit,

A voice finally cries- "Where is my God?  The Living God?".

Then, revelation from above settles like diamond drops of dew

Newly on the riches green, morning grass,

And suddenly belief is enabled

And I have faith in Messiah!

An anointing for me and for you from Yeshuah

The Anointed One.






Pure and sweet love

Disciplined, self-controlled desire and passion

A mind clear, a will vibrantly alive

Joy in the righteous pleasures

Gift of union given

Body honoring a body above self

Souls delight in what is good,

The other responds in like,

Oneness as a celebration

Beauty of covenant commitment

Breath of fragrant love entering another

Apple blossoms above

Fragrance of Jasmine in the air

Fine grass as a majestic bed

Blue sky, warm breeze, eyes see far

Gladness at being alive, a soothing blanket covers

Hand woven carpet of multiple satisfactions beneath

A shared matured red wine for thirst

Passion fruit to excite the moment

Citrus aroma to refresh and revive the moment

Ready the moment for the next steps

Hands held tightly as feet skip along above the flowers,

Kisses are soft and gentle, kisses are hard and strong

The hearts race along once more together

In a truly great adventure

Such wonders of fully open expressions

Where wonders of intimate honest love listen and hear

As true love looks and sees within

Learns from the Father, listens to the Shepherd Son,

Creator of all;

Our hearts understand and draw even closer in peace and rest.






Hope nearly drawn out

Many stumble on vain and selfish worldly imaginations

Trip on longings grasped for

While the world simply goes on and on

And darkness continues its boisterous parade

Arrogance and deception loudly celebrated by most,

Sensuous pleasures to pacify.

The silver cord is drawn very thin indeed

Even as the patience of our God!

His plan of eternal perfection

Before Adam and Eve in wisdom

Infinite tender grasp of each human being

Each step, each breath

Each word, every thought,

Sovereign rule over even the darkest "fallen ones";

Hell stands watching, waiting

As Hades greedily enlarges its throat,

The Lake of Fire beyond description!

Our Savior has spoken

All Godly work made completely known

Transparent secrets of the Cross

Crystal clear secrets of the Kingdom of Light

Laid bare before all nations

All humanity from all times now without any excuse.

The righteous cloud will rise beautifully from the Earth

Join the cloud of purest Light from Heaven,

Our Redeemer stands clear and transparently radiant

Arms joyfully outstretched for His flock of love

His own purchased at the greatest possible price

In the blood of life for life,

The God who is love fully revealed;

At the seventh mighty trumpet sound, the washed ones all spring to life

Bodies formed and transformed, with those still in flesh, the chosen fly far above

Time or timing never the controlling factor, or consuming purpose.





My daughter of Eve, daughter of Jerusalem

The woman I sleep with

Kisses of righteous passion

Rest upon our hearts and souls,

Though the bodies grow older

The spirits soar together in youthfulness,

The Lord who is Eternity

Watches in pleasure

Truly what His hands have made;

Peace flows through hearts

Bathed in prayers and kisses.

Like the crystal river from the Throne

Flows down the great street of the City, New Jerusalem in union joined

The Bride in marriage beautifully clothed

Adorned with every jeweled facet of love,

Mind of Messiah towers above

Wings of His strength cover the children, and the grandchildren

Enclose the most beautiful ones in purest, righteous jealousy.

Name above every name

Streams rush from the ends of the earth

Come to Him from every nation, every island of the seas

Pour forth together into foreknowledge lived out

Shalom in oneness birthed once more

Revelation in lives ordered, structured and overflowing with good purposes

Gracious abundance the crown upon their heads

The ripe fruit of a most intimate covenant

Commitment in faithful endurance

Assurance in constant delight

Amazing depth of love for one another

Honor the perseverance that carries

Sacrifice of thanksgiving celebrated

Joyful crowns set before the King.

One evening years ago

In a lasting vivid, radiant Heavenly vision seen

Alone, in a moment of her worship she bows in delight

To pick another bouquet of rarest flowers

Literally in her Lord's garden!




Dd Ee Aa Tt Hh


The enemy lies at our feet

Crushed by a heel,

Eyes are lifted up

They see very far

They see clearly at last.

A battlefield strewn before us

A battlefield stretches behind

Time itself scattered about on the ground;

Sword of truth in hand very sharp

A pure and sweet instrument

A lovely and most powerful weapon

In the absolute truth of life and death,

Lived by a man

Walked out by a woman;

Every thrust, every movement precise

Nothing wasted in each step, each piece of bread, each fierce encounter

Selflessly following in His footsteps,

As a zealous dance of divine confidence

Light in a glow about moves the same

Knowledge revealed in communion from above

Brighter than any star

Brighter than the sun.

Gentle hand held so tightly,

The One who guides as a most fierce Shepherd

Ancient Warrior,

Ancient of Days

Who conquered death for all

Fearless Warrior, Ancient Sovereign Lord,

Mighty King of Love.

A river of blood will flow deeply outside Jerusalem

Wine press of justice to come

All the enemies of truth, who belong only to this world

Enemies of everything good, those only of the present world

To be dealt a final blow of cleansing judgment.

But, we walk joyfully through the gate of life

The gate of love and peace always before us

Victory sword held high in honor

This sword flashes with the brilliance of divine revelation

Spirit and truth

Eternal life made known in our Messiah

All fear driven out

Death forever conquered,

Our victory in celebration made known

In His victory from before the beginning;

Freedom from slavery to sin and our common fallen nature

And the lying "prince of darkness",

Predator, thief of anything good

Driven to the ground of the earth,

Soon tossed into the "lake of fire".




   Death is the absence of the revelation of the knowledge of God in the face of Yeshua Messiah.  To know Him is to know and have life.  To know the Sword of His eternal Word.  To not know Him is to remain in death subject to darkness and the worst deceit.  In a sense the Earth is a major battlefield for souls born into it.  Though the end is foreknown, lives must be freely lived out in Sovereign predestination wrapped about by the secret understanding of our God.  Those who follow Him are compelled by Messiah's love indwelling us by His Spirit.  He prayed to our Father- "Your will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven".  And we who belong to His kingdom shout- "Amen"! 





All fears melt away,

The fear and anxiety of life

The fear of death,

That we might truly live out each day

At rest, at peace in this place, at this time.

As the morning sun lifts the dew.

A cloud of invisible vapor ascends,

So the truth of life rises within the spirit

Confidence soars far above

A calm rest settles as peace rules

The dust of the earth merely brushed off.

Light feet skip along each chosen path

Happy feet, dancing feet,

Whitest clouds in the sky above

Striking, multi-colored flowers on the ground below

Gold and silver embroidery on the robes of our delight

Flowing lines of grace displayed

Lovely footsteps always lovely. 


Beauty drips from the hills about

Healing at the very fingertips,

The world is seen through the eyes of heavenly light

Endless distractions filtered out

Noise in the background left in the background.

A focus on personal meaning and purpose establishes the way

They taste and see,

One greater holds the right hand

One most powerful shepherds behind and in front

Doors to hearts and lives fly open at a touch

Good purposes rule the day;

Laughter crowns the new hearts

Such gladness at being alive,

A small child's eagerness bubbles over to parents,

Patience wraps about love

Understanding minds embrace one another,

A small gathering of like souls moves forward up a mountain

Strong confidence in this new day,

A way made clearly known.






Children of Israel, natural or "grafted in"

Descendants of faith given as a true life force,

Spirit power greater than gravity

Power greater than heat or cold

Greater than any chemistry or biochemistry

Greater than any emotion or inspired will, any intuition,

Beyond human imagination.

Such treasures we have discovered in words written long ago

Spoken into eternity;

Hearts are torn as tears of repentance flow

And a veil is lifted, things hidden for so long

Now seen in the brilliance of the face of our Messiah.

The suffering of generations

Pains of childbirth have gone on far too long

Holy Spirit revelation comes from above

Things written on the mind , with clear understanding

Now made known to all willing hearts.

Demands of survival in this world overwhelming

Fleeting and foolish, false money security

Seeds sown methodically with discipline long ago

Yet, fruit withers on trees,

Vines dried up as so many wandered alone

As castoffs scattered

Separated from destined reality usurped,

Oh, the weight of generations

The crushing heartache!

Suddenly ancient words have come alive

Prophets of old become new-

Zechariah and Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel

All the others faithful, obedient as Moses,

The weight of love driven responsibility

Burden of Godly care shouldered,

Plan of the Divine One

At last in meticulous precision made clear;

Finally the children of Israel have turned

Broken hearts, a nation of tribes, joined to their Eternal Lord

The refuge often spoken of by King David.








The heart longs

A soul yearns

Mind so strained and pulled

Tears well up from within;

Oh, for a true place of safety during the storm

Guidance in a journey across this desert land

To be wrapped about with arms of love and comfort

To see the Temple of our God's heart

Revealed in the New Jerusalem descending

Settling down smoothly, delightfully from Heaven

A gentle autumn leaf,

Much as a steady rain soothes and comforts the summer growth

Fields of wheat, corn and other grains

Drinking in the wealth from above,

The farmers nearby who worked the soil

Scattered the good seed

Take refreshing, relaxed breaths of cleanest air,

Encouragement in confirmation so needed!

The children of Heaven from all nations rejoice as well,

The latter rains beyond every expectation

More than anything imagined or hoped for

To rest in such abundance

Joy in truest riches,

Wonderful things, glimpses of Light now seen

What ears had heard

Voices from ancient Holy books come alive,

Things now more splendid

Majesty more beautiful

Freedom itself stands in awe

Arms lifted at the presence of Glory,

Temple shelter from any possible storm

Any scorching heat or freezing cold,

Any possible threat, any dark cloud, any savage hand;

Caught up in the vision of a martyr who sees clearly through the present day

And into eternity already brightly revealed-

The Lord of the Universe stands to greet another

A welcome smile and shared laughter of the Shepherd

The One who created the small gate

The narrow road, enlightened path

Already deeply experienced, keenly known. 




Enough of the noise

The foolish, wasteful noise of the world;

The spirit cries out

The soul groans deeply

Mind strains for true quiet!

Knees touch the rug, cat sleeping on a nearby chair,

In silence prayers can be heard within

Incense can be seen rising above

Moving toward the Throne of Heaven

Place of eternal rest

Source of all that is good

Where arms of love wait

Wrap about every human need,

And peace is birthed once more

A light garment is wrapped about weary shoulders

A fine covering to protect from the abuses of the world

And the abusive people who walk in it.

Mercy crowns the renewed mind

Strength to forgive flows out

Footsteps of wisdom and love are enlarged

And true knowledge is refreshed

Grows in the heart longer, wider, thicker.

Another step can be taken

To walk as He walked

To walk as the "Firstborn From the Dead" walked on earth

In the middle of every storm and trial

To walk as the "Faithful Witness",

In the face of all deceit and hatred

To walk in our body as the "Ruler of God's Creation" did,

Even as He walked the streets of Jerusalem.





Tried, tested and proven true

Beyond any doubt in a human mind renewed

Rests above any fear of the heart

Peace through every circumstance of life;

Each new day unfolds revelation truth

As a man stands in the blazing beauty of sunrise, and is blessed,

As a woman stands in marvel of the dramatic sunset, and is blessed.

Real trust, only a divine gift

An inner knowledge of Sovereign control,

Spirit wisdom in each droplet of rain that falls,

Every tear that runs down a cheek in sorrow or sadness

Or tears of joy, tears of laughter,

Every human passion experienced

Crowned with a taste of true Spirit character,

Even the character of Yeshua!

A child taught in the beginning to trust while against his mother's breasts

Always secure in Heavenly arms of trust

Once lost, now as a baby cradled within a womb of safety.

A child of God who drinks daily the milk of God's written Word

Who matures as a son or daughter,

Always stands prayerfully in the strength of their Lord;

Trust swims confidently in a sea of troubles

Currents of encouragement follow and carry

As winds of comfort blow softly about

Gentle blue sky of compassion above,

Smiles at the future, at peace with the past

Sunrays of the present assurance soothe with tender warmth.

Many victories joyfully knitted together

An exquisite tapestry in linen, silk and dyed wools,

The greatest prize a finished work

Most absolute victory, complete gift in life

To see and trust in our God, the Bread of Life

To hear and trust in our Messiah, Living Water within and without.

The Lord our Trust

You opened the door of Heaven that no one can shut

You closed the door to a world of our consuming sin no one can open,

Indeed, the Lord our Trust.





A lost soul seen walking along a lonely road,

Dressed poorly

Heavy steps taken

Back hunched slightly,

Just one of many noticed lately

Trudging along a nearby highway

Some miles from a small town

Dry summer fields in all directions,

The sun baking from above

As one of the few predictable things in his life lived out,

Struggles, disappointments

Failures and heartache

Thickened skin of a soul, rough and toughened;

Cars pass by at speed limits

Few drivers notice, fewer even take a look.

Oh, the value of a soul, the price, the cost poured out,

And the path of human choices somehow taken,

A walk of circumstances more than luck or chance;

Messiah's Cross alone, Heaven's sovereignty draws us all together

Rich and poor, weak and strong

Young and old, male and female.

More than the sun and moon above

Divine compassion looks intensely below

Watches each footstep taken, nothing missed,

The Lord waits patiently for the designed opportunity

The times set for them

Exact places to live, to be

Optimal moments, optimal circumstances;

People and places brought together in time

That they might hunger and thirst

That they might search and seek

That they might finally reach out

Grasp for reality

And touch the kind hand of Peace, and soon see the face

Of the Living God!







Waves of goodness

From the hand of the Lord

Wash over my life

Over the lives of all His children

Ones at play on the shoreline of time

Eternity more than the work of sand castles;

Life long ago redeemed,

Our paths uniquely designed to walk this earth

To move through this world

Footsteps powerfully established, ordered divinely!

Peace rules the hearts and lives of the children of Heaven

The very peace of Messiah, the Prince of Peace

Spirit peace leaves no room for fear in His kingdom;

All who have tasted the despair of this world

Honestly lost without hope for  our souls

Have now seen the goodness of our Lord

"In the land of the living" as written so long ago.

Eternal truth embraces each moment

Tasted through experience as time on earth unwinds,

The glowing value of the sense of "now"

Seen when our eyes of love are drawn

Purely into the eyes of another who loves the same,

Those blazing eyes of heavenly fire that see within our hearts.




          ***Read again Psalm 91.......


A turtle dove at rest on a high branch

Suddenly startled, flies off

It sprints away on a good wind

A pleasant gust, a quickened breeze

And it soars peacefully away.

A moment in Earth time

The blink of an eye

And the spirit soars away from the body

Hand in hand with the soul

As freedom celebrates freedom;

Angels gather these chosen ones

A most beautiful bouquet set before the King

Victory of Heaven's joy

Triumph of Heaven's love.

Spirit knowledge as a seed given

Planted in a heart, a human life

Now greatly multiplied in perfect fruit

Sacrificial offering of faithfulness before the Faithful One

Set before the only true God

Maker of Heaven and Earth

Everything in the palm of His hand

Before, now and ever after.






To refresh the aroma of our love

A fragrant scent of a blend of mint and jasmine,

Even one for another as the perfume of nard fills the house,

A selfless heart given for my wife, hers for me

Our hearts for our God;

Refreshing love expressed

In a life on earth lived out

Each day beautifully renewed

One hand tightly holds another

Confident smiles mirror with eyes,

The look of trust at rest within,

And see peace fully returned

Honest hearts completely open

And free,

Marriage bed of transparency

Healthy delight of passions

At lavender rest in complete satisfaction.

Life given as living water upon a desert shrub

A seed in the ground once dead

Now shoots up towards the sun

Most vibrant dance in the sunlight beneath the bluest sky

Celebration of a rich life as blossoms form

And good fruit rushes forth,

Such a divine gift

As a bride before her groom

The Bride of Messiah before His Throne

Joy of salvation bursts out as angelic trumpets,

Good work finished in hearts so long ago.






The greatest spiritual revelation

Mystery of true love made known to a man,

The love of the Holy God to a woman,

For us, for me, for you

Shown clearly in the Jewish Messiah

The Anointed Son of God

Eternal King of Israel,

Truth as love incarnate walked in human flesh

The Way of life shown to all eyes

Holy Words heard by all ears;

Some hearts awakened

Many minds enlightened

Spirits of men and women eventually reborn

More than from a mother's womb

Rebirth into Heaven's Eternal Life!

As divine love washes over a soul

Floods within a spirit

Expressed through a body,

Joy wells up, Living Water from the new born spirit.

God, who is Love, is now made known,

Greatness beyond mere human understanding

Shown, made known, revealed in the only Son

By the Holy Spirit,

Our God who is Love!

Reflections in what has been made

Sky above during day or night,

Earth below from horizon to horizon,

Highest mountains

Lowest valleys

Rivers that flow

Oceans that wash the endless shorelines,

Greatness of this love experienced in what has been given to us all;

But a few early nibbles, tastes of the "Banquet Table" to come,

Fully set and ready for seating

For the eternal victory of His children

A celebration in worship that will never end.






We stand together and search

Look high up into the sky seeking,

On Christmas night

Stars always shine more brightly above

As small bursts of joy from Heaven

The Light of Love pierces through the darkness.

Beauty the eyes behold

Even as the essence of life suddenly discovered

Found in a newborn baby

A smile forms on tiny sleeping lips, even bits of mysterious laughter,

Truly a gladness our souls embrace;

The countless stars above portrayed

As a work of divine art for all eyes to see,

In simple pictures of wisdom painted across our minds with delight

Signs of Sovereign control in Sovereign love

Power even greater than what can be seen

Authority to create such overwhelming personal goodness in a child,

Far beyond what any human can fully know

Mysteries of Majesty displayed,

Splendor in a radiant smile from very far away.

Speckles of light drape to the horizons

Sparkles dance throughout the fragile darkness,

In transparent open joy mouths begin to sing of that Holy Night

When angels gathered long ago

And our Lord was first revealed,

Such fragrant days of wonder

Such times of the aroma of awe celebrated

When whitest robes of spiritual freedom were draped about shoulders

Mankind set free from the impossible snare of self

Chains about the heart and soul of human nature broken;

A Savior came to us bearing the greatest gift of His life,

A golden seed of lasting joy planted deeply within

Redemption where there was none

New life where only death in fear reigned,

A spirit Shepherd for wandering sheep

A clean path of truth made known where there was none.






The Cross of Israel's Messiah before us

Our chosen destiny

Our earthly mystical experience,

The secret to eternal heavenly wealth

And "living wisdom" beyond the stars,

Wisdom that works daily in any human life

That walks the practical streets

Works in any job setting

Fills a house

Fills a soul at constant rest;

Divine wisdom fulfills human purpose and gives true meaning

Establishes supernatural peace both within and without.

To drink living water, truth of His most noble act

The greatest delight

With each sip taken, honor given

With each drop received, fellowship embraced,

Most intimate friendship enjoyed

Every quality of true life in abundance,

All love, joy and peace

Every good thing revealed to us

The power of faithfulness

Such songs of wonder experienced in the morning

Prayers of gladness at night

Wealth of a new birth gathered in the heart

And throughout each day a divine shalom that lifts the being

And settles upon Mount Zion

City of God, "garden Kingdom of love"

City of the Great King of the Jews!

Oh, God's secret wisdom of redemption

Final and absolute defeat of the enemy of life

Enemy of all that is good,

One foot now in the Lake of Fire,

Enemy of all that is true and pure, soon to be destroyed.

The fully open display of love shown on the Cross,

Show of absolute sovereign power and authority as well

Narrow Gate for all the sheep who will follow Him,

Free from any hatred and false religion

Corrupt politics, economics and the many snares of mankind,

Fear of death driven off into the barren desert,

Freedom to be alive, the victory in Him now in eternal celebration!





Wonder and amazement

Powerful love displayed in a world full of hatred

Sincere kindness shown in an unkind world

A gentle touch when personal needs overwhelm,

Feet pulled from all the filth and muck.

An isolated castoff finds a friendly embrace,

An unloved woman finds true love at last

And the earth trembles beneath her feet as seen by Solomon,

Joy beams as a new day's sunlight

The beauty of being alive refreshed

As the scent of flowers wafts about

Perfumed oil on the skin heightens attraction

Incense makes the mind and senses dance freely on a gentle breeze,

Once more seeds of gladness sown

A harvest of gratefulness follows,

Of thanksgiving in worship of our gracious God exulted.

Honest souls, completely transparent within themselves

Know the emptiness

The mystery that plagues each person

Lack of hope that carries internal harmony in spirit and truth,

Without peace and love that binds together securely

And leads through the valleys and shadows of our life;

The soul always under attack, constant spiritual warfare against the mind

Thoughts and "voices" to discern,

But new peace from Heaven sees through it all,

His peace and our peace.

To look with amazing faith upon the resurrected form of Majesty

Onto the glowing face set off by radiant long white hair

Into the blazing eyes of fire, 

To fall before the shining feet

And grasp with tears as Mary so long ago,

The only reality

The "sum of all truth"

The Holy One who loves us completely

When no other can or will.


         http://garybertnick.wordpress.com      www.silvercordspirit.com




The true path of Kingdom peace we now walk

Kingdom of mercy as a living revelation traveling through time,

Gone only once before with strides of power and authority

The Ancient One, mighty Anointed One, King Eternal

Absolute, triumphant in obedience,

Faithful love, eternal conqueror of death.

Honesty looks completely into our eyes

Pierces the soul

Floods the spirit, nothing left hidden,

Everything put on open display in every realm;

Truth exulted in such a humble way

Meant for little children to grasp in their innocence

To hold tightly with tiny hands

Ones that eagerly clutch onto toys

And small blankets at night,

Who hold cookies and treats with flashes of pure joy,

Who hold on tightly with a trust lost by nearly every adult,

Discovered once again by only a few.

A woman, a mother walks in quiet confidence

Lasting beauty at rest within

Tried and tested, a proven disciple of the only worthy Teacher,

Spirit of Messiah most intimate

Precise and delicate and timely,

Living words lived out in another so precious

Treasure discovered in her field,

Tender pruning of her life

Kind touches of guidance, forgiveness sown and reaped,

Heavenly wisdom pours, flows from these lips freely as healing balm

As ancient written words come forcefully alive in one more.




She walks in confident peace

Every need met

Trust settled into final assurance of  Sabbath rest,

Body and soul bathed often in aromatic oils and fragrant perfumes

Clothed in glowing beauty more than Esther

Whitest robe embroidered with silver and gold

Radiant flowers as a colorful crown on her head

True beauty beyond earthly breath

Aroma of Christ all about

Fragrance of life a far reaching scented cloud before and trailing after,

Atmosphere of divine revelation, of divine knowledge

Light gives birth to even more light

In Heaven's righteous law of abundance,

Draws near a child so chosen

One who believed and received

Mysterious Tree of Life a longing come true

A banner of honor stretched above from horizon to horizon

Continual feast at the richly scented table of delight

Bowed as Mary and others at the Master's feet those early days

Greatest pleasure of inner being

Its essence revealed, carried along in gentle Spirit winds.

Once the Glory Light on the face of most humble Moses

Divine Words carried, written on stone,

Now eternal glory of the Holy Spirit

Written on youthful hearts of flesh;

They move in triumphal procession in Yeshua

Small Gate of His cross, our cross

Narrow road of perseverance and endurance walked

Heaven's joy a gift fully received,

Fragrance of life carried on wings of destiny to distant shores

Things too wonderful, too beautiful

Described without limited human words

Greatness made known in the greatness of our God;

A royal train follows royalty into the golden temple of His love

Jewels sparkle all about, jewels sing as angels, exquisite melodies,

Thundering songs of worship, rumbling voices of praise.

Hushed reverence as she enters

Another daughter of Eve

Faithful daughter of Jerusalem

In holiness offers the pure sacrifice of thanksgiving for life

Honor before the Majestic Throne of the One who dwells in unapproachable Light.


             http://garybertnick.wordpress.com          www.silvercordspirit.com 





Things of beauty 

At every hand

If you look you will find some

Past the pain and past the sorrow,

Past the cold hearts that would deaden,

Past the foolish and all the deception.

Open to awesome wonder

Take a deeper breath of life

Bow on the earth

Bow at the King's footstool,

Look to the heavens

And then back again.

If you look for true beauty

You will find some.


     http://garybertnick.wordpress.com          www.silvercordspirit.com  




Pure and holy like Him

Our calling carried on the creative winds of Heaven's peace

A song that settles deep within

Daily a prayer to the God of our life,

Words from holy lips

Keep our paths clean and peaceful

Free from the ways of earthly violence

The ways of the wicked and easily deceived.

Our war in a different realm

Our weapons only in the Spirit

We do not wage war as if of this world

Our prize- freedom from this place

Joined to Heaven in Kingdom joy,

Unlike any whose portion is in the world!

He walked as Peace in the flesh

Love and peace trumpeted loudly

He endured the violence of man

Calmed the young disciples

While walking on the water,

Later while facing the military, police mob of the day;

The power of peacemakers flows in and through us

We walk as He walked

In obedient love to the Father

In fearless self- control

In eternal truth

In Spirit power

In a way hidden from the world

In a life mysterious to the fallen ones

In a life seen as a threat to the controllers,

In and through a door of triumph

In a path of complete victory

With no room for earthly weapons or worldly violence!


          -Gary Bertnick   www.silvercordspirit.com   http://garybertnick.wordpress.com





Words from the heart spoken

Love pours from the inner being

And only the spirit can hear the reply,

Alone, but not alone!

Knowledge of the Holy One carries

"The streams of the Lord always full",

Wings of grace soar into the heavens

The very place of angels

Home of everything good and lasting

Place of "forever"

Where the foretaste of eternity

Stands fulfilled apart from time.

The ones loved for so many years

Taken away by invisible wings

Lifted suddenly from the Earth

Brought into the Majestic Presence,

Faith gave birth to reality predestined

Fulfilled, now at last.

As the sun lowers in the western sky

Robins hop about in the back yard

Hummingbirds dart to and from the feeder

The cat curls up on the rocking chair,

And I already know He "makes the dawn and sunset shout for joy";

As I rest in the Spirit

Trust a soothing warmth about

The Shepherd's path constantly before me,

Body death seen is but a blink

A quick shadow passing with the New Day dawning.

Any fear just a charade

Any hint of doubt but the icy breath of darkness,

Death swallowed up by life

Death destroyed in complete victory

Life in Israel's Messiah alone triumphant

Our King, the King of all spiritual Jews,


Jan. 7th 2019

True Love remains the same
"Yesterday, today and forever"
The rich drippings of mint scented oils
Exotic star anise and jasmine mingle as one delight
On the gentle evening breeze,
Then the lush and lovely fragrance of deep red roses...
The pleasures of God's Love for us remains pure and true!
Daily the Spirit of Messiah draws us closer into His Kingdom
As we enter more fully the sacred Covenant honor
Experience more deeply the sacred trust 
Of the sacred Temple within us
The Holy Majestic Presence as lasting beauty of flowers
His Spirit Splendor within and all about us,
In His Glory Light we can now see.


Jan. 27th 2019

In the Spirit seen-
A consuming brilliance of Light that covers all
The eyes are overwhelmed
They bow washed in humility
And then slowly draw closer to the Source
The New Kingdom of Zion the place of purity on Earth
Most powerful Mountain of the Lord
In the Light of His Majesty;
As the eyes draw closer a human form is noticed
Then nearer, a woman aglow in beauty
Full length robe of whitest white with gold and silver etchings
The skin of her form with a platinum-like metallic radiance
A crown of exquisite flowers on her head,
She kneels down reaching into a field of other unique blossoms
Soft and elegant fragrance of plants before unseen;
She adds even more to an armful
A bouquet of love to set in honor before her King
And His Throne of Delight in her
And in all of His children
The many chosen to take lasting pleasure in hand
As she does in her new body,
And in her Lord in His Beauty!


Jan. 27th 2019

Adrift in a sea of sad and sorry frustrations
A ship full of desires and expectations dreamed of
Seeking to fulfill the many inner needs
What the soul strives for
Perfection that must be at hand,
But is not there or here, or anywhere
No peace to be found;
Hands and heart reach out
Legs and feet run as fast as possible
But always fall short,
Longing to be better and better, the best
Even severe competition with others, and within your "self",
The burning need to take hold of a finish line
That always moves away instead!
Nerves are strained in a turbulent sea
The mind with thoughts as stormy winds
Our brain throbs, aches with stress after stress
The impossible perfection the only reality sought
Yet plagues as a river roar through.
Human nature seeks perfection as a hunger and thirst
What should be experienced, but is not
Human efforts alone always fail
Leaving desperation and depression behind!

Then, a gentle Word is heard at last, kind Words of care
A surprise Name is spoken in a "still small voice"
Calming touches from another place brings sudden comfort;
A refuge and rest from "self" and this world
This deep ocean that swallows whole, and drowns.
Holy Spirit revelation of a new Life given in Messiah
Yeshua's reality becomes Light seen in my belief
The only PERFECT ONE to walk the Earth
Who draws us to his side by this Grace in Truth
Then to find our life's treasure in His Living Words 
Our needed perfection shown and freely given
Made known and anchored in Him alone!
Inner Peace, rest and trust live in our heart and soul
Eternal perfection in life through His heavenly Love
As we now walk hand in hand in child-like innocence
Spirit power to fully live in abundance, 
We "aim for His perfection" through supernatural faith!




     http://garybertnick.wordpress.com      www.silvercordspirit.com  

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