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Tears of loss
Groanings of a man in prayer
With loud cries and tears
For a nation broken
For the loss of a generation,
Death rising up to swallow alive.
The grief of one who grieved
Mourning for bread and drink
The loss of a family, a people, a nation...
But soon the One who wept for all
Who grieved for Eternity
Will soothe the memory,
Remove all sense of painful loss
As fullness of joy
Envelops another person bound for Heavenly bliss-
The Glory Presence sought faithfully for so long!

Gary Bertnick Silver Cord, 1998


Diamond in a golden setting
Beauty raised to the highest level
Light enthroned in a place once very dark
Plan of Perfection displayed in another,
As proven true with Israel
As clearly shown by Jerusalem,
Mystery knowledge revealed;
Messiah make known.
Joy now enthroned within splendor
Life more precious than gold, more priceless than any diamond;
Holy Spirit at rest within a human spirit.
New ring with a stone with a new name on it;
Marriage covenant sealed in eternity!

Gary Bertnick Silver Cord, 1998


Who else can we run to,
Where else to turn
For truth and life-Holy Breath and everything else?
You alone have eternal words
Purist eternal honey, sweet creative fragrance
Aromatic, majestic authority reigning over all.
We live as foreigners and strangers,
Aliens who do not love this world
Yet love Jerusalem
And celebrate the regathering of Israel-
Remnant Jacob destined to rule.
What was a hard road
Has become a very narrow path
"Through the fire and through the dark night",
A few short steps to go
And suddenly, a trumpet sounds...
In a flash of brilliance our Father speaks
And the "Word Made Flesh"
Reaches out his right hand
And rescues us at last!

Gary Bertnick Silver Cord May "98


Arms uplifted
Hands lovingly offered
As servants who delight
Who seek first to honor
Who seek first to exalt in the only Name
Love given, love received
Cross experienced...
Source of all life and truth
We bring honor to your holy Name.
In life and breath
At every chance, time and place
Both in jubilant dance
And in quiet song within
We bring honor as a gift to your Name.

Gary Bertnick Silver Cord '98


In simplicity and childlike trust
In purity and hushed reverence
We kneel and pray
We prostrate at the anointing
Glory in the holy Presence.
Timeless, Ancient One
Lord above all who calls each soul to his side.
Our love overflows
Even as you said,
The inner spring wells up!
Wonderful moments strung like costly pearls,
Adorn the neck of the bride
Dancing blissfully before you.
Freedom of freedoms
Passing easily through the outer sanctuary
To the speechless, intimate presence of unapproachable Light;
Thick Glory Cloud
Holiness permeating all, consuming all.

Gary Bertnick Silver Cord '98


Songs never before heard
Joy as colorful blossoms everywhere
Flowers of delight singing
Breathless beauty in this place of light
Where wonder enfolds wonder
The marvelous, cascading over and over
Spirit of Glory lifting up
Carries the flock of love,
Cradled in His garment.
Heaven's music engulfs
A flood of goodness
Praise thundering, praise remarkable
Intensely focused on the One who gave all;
Yeshua who stands supreme
Sovereign King of the Universe spoken
River of life, of praise returns to the Throne
Messiah's throne,
The Glory Throne where earth and heaven are no more.

Gary Bertnick Silver Cord '98


"Return to me,"says your God
Lord of holiness and truth
Return in your hearts and minds
Come to your senses at last
False riches of the world
False wealth of America...
Return to your first love
The lover of your soul
Creator of Israel
Redeemer of Jacob
The only King who dwells in Zion
Who rules in Jerusalem,
Hope held up clearly before your eyes!
Lasting beauty that does not fade.

Gary Bertnick Silver Cord


Deep calls out to deep
The depth of man's need crying out to the depths of God's love;
One person at a time in loneliness seeks out the companionship of love
True love, lasting love
The knowledge of a love that overcomes all the obstacles
The barriers, the veil fighting such peace...
To love the unloved, even more- to love the unlovely!
Birds soar to astonishing heights
Then plunge to earth for food and rest.
Canyons rival mountains in rugged beauty
Cliffs trail down out of sight.
Then the oceans;
Water worlds set apart
Mysteries waiting to be sought out
The heart sinks in fear at the overwhelming greatness
The dark, the cold, the unknowns hiding
The unending spirals to the bottom.
What mind can fathom the depths,
The playground of whales.
Canyons deeper than any on land
Mountains that dwarf the giants of Nepal sleep beneath the waves.
The deepest need in an ocean of want
Calls out one last time
Beyond desperation, without hope
Hoping one last time
The weakest voice offered up in the end,
Is heard and answered in kindness
By the Seven Thunders!

Gary Bertnick Silver Cord


Life from the dead

Mercy, when all around there was none.

Kindness and gentleness from above

A pure sweet smile

Approval and assurance from our dearest friend.

Encouragement to go on

A vision of Heaven has sealed the heart

Delight of delights -

A friend who truly cares

His measure of Love cups each day

Simplicity and humility

Holy fire, a pure seed within

Our hearts now warmed

As we look one to another

And See His Life within.

Gary Bertnick Silver Cord


She came to Him in brokenness
Beyond the end of hope
Given to things of open shame.
Then, with the crowd on a hillside-
Some said He'd come for His people Israel-
She watched and listened as He spoke and touched
And marveled as He loved and healed.
Stream of every human need drawn near
As He loved and touched and smiled
And created wonderful healing before all eyes.
She fell before Him dead
And was raised up before Him alive!
Spirit of power radiated
Spirit of authority enveloped
Spirit of love lifted up from the grass and rocks...
Now, months later, seated at His feet
Eyes meet eyes, basking in closeness
Heavenly submission
Purest and holiest place at His feet
Rapture of heart and being
Rivers into oceans, oceans into eternity
Flow of His life into one more soul.

Gary Bertnick


As we drink from His cup
And daily taste death
Follow the Master, receive life, experience the cross,
We look upon the world
We see the earth
And wonder at the incredible waste and noise!
People of grief, loss, painful comfort
Cold body of a friend, an enemy
The seeming cruel finality
Constant fear and denial of so very many
Even more sheltered in the squalid grip of religion,
Dark spirit realm swirling invisibly;
All the daily struggles that overwhelm
And #### the joy out of being alive...
Then, earthly beauty passes by on the street-
Unknown, without even a moment of honesty
Without a hint of heart caring and fellowship
Blind beauty easily gone
Many more such flowers vary in beauty from flower to flower;
Different beauty of each star in heaven,
The majesty seen in human creation!
Yet, we love
The heart gives and longs to give more
To offer clean touches, prayers
To offer quiet reflections
Of a personal glimpse of His beauty
And the Throne of all power and mercy
Intimate revelation of Yeshua
In one who chooses life over death
Eternal life through the cross by the Father's Spirit!
Now an eternity of bliss is spread as that Banquet spoken,
An exquisite blue-gold table set reaches out
Beyond the stars,
Jeweled embroidery, an abundance unimagined
Our daily choice- to live!
Narrow gate through the cross
Narrow road by the Holy Spirit
Carried by gentle goodness;
No one looks back.



One warrior takes his sword
Ready at the command
Obedient, selfless
Alert with eyes piercing the darkness
As hot coals from the holy fire
Eyes dart about seeing, discerning.
Apostasy around seducing like wildfire
Clumsy, arrogant nations paw the apple of God's eye.
But a new light shines
Even a new day spoken of
Purifying, cleansing and strengthening.
A thunderous cry is heard
Its legions roar the echoes-
"Mercy is great!  But justice is true!"
Eternal beings all face the cross
And choose eternal life or eternal death
A death of continual anguish
Or a life of endless joy;
The rapture of His presence
Or the fire that never completely burns.

   Gary Bertnick    Silver Cord




Naked before the Lord

The eyes that see through body and soul

Penetrate the spirit he made,

The eyes of love and warmth and mercy.

Oh! To love as few have loved

To drink living waters from the holy spring of my God

My life as a flame engulfed by the fires of truth beneath the only throne

Hot coals pressed upon the lips,

For a mouth that speaks praise

Worship from a mind kept clean

A heart made pure

Hands continually washed, bathed in heavenly light;

The One who redeems always at your side

A warrior's sword to flash brilliance

The power of truth that cuts free

Sharp edge of judgment, blade of freedom,

A vast gathering of like hearts

Who always behold the beauty

Who know their King,

The land of the Great Shepherd of Israel before them.

To walk with courage in these terrible times

Last days spread clearly before us,

Victories behind

Triumph ahead

Spirit of peace and rest always about

Even as the shadow of martyrdom pierces through just as that spear.

For confidence in the new day, Morning Star who rises,

New Jerusalem, heaven's jewel descends

Names in Hebrew, twelve tribes above

Names in Hebrew, twelve apostles below

The foreknown destiny of all too few.

Radiant splendor of the invisible kingdom

From earth's four corners

May Spirit winds blow,

Anointed Breath finish the work

Already finished in our God's eternity.


Gary Bertnick    Silver Cord




   2Corinthians 5:10


The blazing fire eyes of the dawn

New day in the sun's light

The Morning Star rises

Dew as priceless jewels upon the greenest grass,

As spoken, as written in the Spirit Book

Even the Book of Life;

Men and women the same

Clothed in humility

Revelation of eternity in their eyes and hearts

Minds made one with Messiah

His army of faithful

Truly created in his image.


Quiet waves consume the breathless place before the throne,

Countless eyes watch

Many times many ears listen;

Then, rumbling power of knowledge

Penetrates each soul with flashes

Heavenly lightning in thunder with trembling

Earth and its heaven gone

All sense of time, of self and purpose fled away

Final judgment hangs as heavy fruit

Forgiveness a withered, dry leaf in an unforgiving storm,

The end was always known from the beginning,

The life on earth, in the body

Cast down before all

Nothing in thoughts, in words or deeds, hidden from memory

Shameful nakedness exposed within and without

The emerald light of holiness radiates truth all about

Consumes with a greater fire

Than the awful, putrid lake that awaits each final command.


Another kneels before the splendor

Speechless as all others

Yet, a peaceful hush,

Reverence a thick coat;

More words thunder forth

Books within books lay open before all

A sea of angelic kindness flows about

This one chosen in mercy before all time

Purified in earthly fires

Tried and tested through and through

Carried to purest golden completion from infancy

Precious child of God, creation before the Creator

Yeshua Judge and King over all;

A gentle wind comes to his side

Another son, another disciple

Each transparent detail, each step followed.

Now, translucent, shared beauty before all eyes

A final, lasting glow of righteousness

Lifts and draws near,

Carries into the atmosphere of the new heaven's joy

Along a clear, crystal stream

That flows from beneath the Throne.


Gary Bertnick      July 2011     www.silvercordspirit.com 






Wide awake in a sleepy house

Long before dawn these eyes have looked above

Beyond the clouds and moon, and through the stars

A soul in deepest yearning at the doorstep of the Third Heaven, bowed low;

The heart churns

Those numberless in far off lands

Oppressed and persecuted and crushed

Yet, perseverance and endurance reign,

But, many so close at hand

Unable to truly see and hear;

The trumpet voice of God commands

As sun and moon, as countless stars shout out,

Eternity in likeness,

Earth winds, ocean currents and waves move in power

Springs, wells, streams, rivers and lakes are filled to overflowing

Many things openly displayed border on infinity,

Marvel of the human body, hunger of the soul

Eternal thirsts of the spirit.

The clear call has now gone out-

"Stand ready!"

No time, no excuses left,

The door suddenly to be shut.


Gary Bertnick    www.silvercordspirit.com   2012






Truth enthroned

In a place, in a temple, in a spirit

In your heart and mind

Body created as a temple.

Often in the face of doubt and scorn

Lies and deceitful scheeming

Persecution planted as bad seed

Grows from gossip to clenched fists

Mad cries of revenge and religious justice,

One whispers to another in the shadows

A wild mob rapes an innocent woman.

Power and authority transcend

Forgiveness clears the narrow path

A divine love often misunderstood

Heavenly peace seen as a lack,

A lazy mind drifting off, not engaged;

The Shepherd watches over his flock

A relentless enemy constantly circles with hungry wolves in hand.

The Spirit lifts above this dust

Raises the soul beyond man's reach

Encloses with hands past human understanding

Laughs at the Luciferians, at Satan's "dark secrets".

Divine wisdom revealed in the Cross

Knowledge, taste of death becomes our life,

Radiant City off at a distance

The light of Messiah's New Jerusalem already shines brightly

Seen through our eyes.


Gary Bertnick     2012 






A peaceful wind blowing this day

Songs of rest and trust

Kingdom melodies

Most simple, most pure

Strength to lift a heart

Courage to carry along a difficult path

Tears met with comfort

Stress melted away by a caring touch

Divine, holy love in the most secret place

Secret temple within the unseen spirit

Place of timelessness within a soul

Domain of creation by the Creator,

Mystery that only true revelation unfolds.

He stands at the shoreline of time

Prayers as sweet incense, light wind across the waters,

Gentle waves lap the clean white sand

Rhythm of a moment of ecstatic beauty

Deepest and most beautiful drink of eternal calm

Quiet and rest even as clouds boil in the distance;

Destructive race of mankind,

Whirlwind soon upon us all.

Sheltering Spirit of Messiah

The covering peace we know

The living peace we trust

The confident peace that carries

As strong arms full of small children

Safe on a dark stormy night.



Gary Bertnick   www.silvercordspirit.com




Shelter, refuge from the selfish day

The heat, the cold of this world,

Greedy America, arrogant and idolatrous

Gone the way of all worldly empires

But dust and ash blown about by heavenly winds.

The Spirit of Messiah has lifted us up

Seated in eternal sabbath rest at his side

We have been discipled, lost sheep taught to keep in step

Led by the Living Word flowing from within

Death to self, life through the Cross the triumph

Cup of Spirit truth always at our lips

Prayerful revelation, daily bread of His Word

Zeal and spiritual fervor the flame that now burns,

Separation from the world

Set apart from all those who love it

Two-edged sword flashes Heaven's brilliance

Cut of God's Spirit

Fine and sharp and pure

Hidden path through this mystery world revealed

Earth rises up as well in celebration for freedom;

True life only in the Spirit moment by moment

Day by day strung out as precious stones

Jewels pulse with new light from a new source

At home within

At rest with Him,

Our eyes see out of darkness with purest light.


Gary Bertnick   




I cry at times for my generation

Tears for so many lost

So many lost forever

Like those familiar songs sung at great gatherings

Voices and music of artists go out

Crowds are stirred

Hearts and emotions thrill,

Then it is gone

Nothing left but a fading memory

And the soul yearns for more of what truly lasts,

Elusive desires, always dance on the shores of reality

As peace stands calmly waiting with his arms open wide;

Hunger and thirst rises up, cries out in need,

A pure face of need to be clearly revealed

Purpose wound rightly about eternal truth

More than man can offer

More than any earthly treasures

Or science fiction fantasies,

Abstract spiritual imaginations of stubborn seekers

Rebellious affairs of the spirit driven by lustful human effort,

Lying dark spirits at the core,

The "Father of lies" pretending divine authority,

Wild tigers and lions, predators on the constant prowl

Savage hunt for human flesh relentless.

I've prayed often for my generation

Good seeds planted, timely seeds watered

Yet, hope for the many in harvest makes the heart grow sick

But longing come true for the chosen few "is a tree of life".


Gary Bertnick     silvercordspirit.com




Divine truth before your eyes

Eternal peace now stands right before you

The dark mystery of human nature now exposed

The light of life burns through

All that once stood tall in pride consumed,

Solidly on the earth, in the selfish world

Pride of life, of this world

Possessions, abilities, strengths

Treasured thoughts of the mind, its imaginations

Self exultation of the will of man

Ego of woman a present celebration.

When death takes over

Wraps about all that you are

Or thought you would be

Numbing the will, controlling thoughts,

A metal throne from a base, common place dominates and suffocates,

Stubborn rebellion a mantra,

Belief in bizzare spirituality

Abstract and vulgar science fiction of the soul.

A small cloud rises off in the distance

In a drought plagued land

A hardened sky, a hardened desert place,

Ancient Elijah looks and understands;

New hunger and thirst revealed to another

A cloud like a hand penetrates the Universe

An enlightened perception of new reality

And true hunger is birthed

True thirst is drawn out finely

The finger of our Sovereign God touches one more with favor

And the heart begins to truly understand

And believes in Him, cleaves to Him

Parched lips begin to speak from that heart

A small stream wells up

Then a fountain of life flows out,

Flows as beautiful sounds come out-

"Jesus, Messiah, Yeshua my Lord!

As a new creation of God is birthed into an eternity of grace. 


Gary Bertnick


Our God

Holy Spirit revelation of God our Creator

From the lover of our soul,

Lover of our spirit being He made

Who delights in us beyond understanding

Freely seen in the purest expression of His love

Messiah radiant in the pearl of honor,

The heavenly kingdom treasure of faithfulness to his Father

Glory reflection brighter than the sun in obedience

Words of love always spoken

Gentle heavenly wind, truth in life, the way of humility laid bare.

Most tender, kind touch upon the little children

Upon the lepers, the poor, the blind the same

Healing love beyond human grasp

Poured out as a crystal river of peace

Roaring waterfalls,

Rapids that thunder

A flood that has left nothing untouched!

The weight of sinful eternity on his head

Destiny of the Universe crushing down

Arms that stretched out the heavens, galaxies flung out by the billions,

And laid the foundations of the earth,

Redeemer stretched out on the cross in surrender.

We who are called

Predestined through infinite foreknowledge

No other gate, no other door

No other way to feed the inner hunger

Or satisfy the heart thirst

No other trusted word for purpose to cleave to

For meaning in life to wrap about

No other Rock in the midst of earth's sifting sand;

Fickle, bitter world, full of tears,

This present earth vowed to be made new!

Neither Satan nor his endless slaves

Not abuse, persecution or even martyrdom

Nor emotional pull of anyone or anything

Not the growing harsh North American police state

Financial tyrants or politicians on high,

Nothing can move our eyes or thoughts

Fixed on the Holy One of Israel, our Redeemer and King.

As Miriam bowed in open reverence

We are of him, through him, in him

Our only choice now settled before the kingdom throne ablaze

At rest in eternity

Faces set like flint in any stress storm,

Through every desert death trial

This world and its kind can offer.


Gary Bertnick



I wandered in my foolish youth

In a slow downward spiral; youth so easily decieved.

Now, as a truth warrior I search,

With new zeal a firghter for the lost sheep

Prayers of a righteous man powerful

My prayers powerful

Forty years and more

Walking the narrow road, a disciple breathes holy fire,

All worldly treasures spent long ago in nothingness.

The fruitless world and its many knots,

soulish circumstances looped over and over again within confusion

Lies as dried up springs, dead wells bitter, acrid

Dreams and well meant desires come to a sudden end.

Along my own unique path one day a young sheep seen

Wounded within, curled in dry brush on a steep hillside

Hardened countenance, tears long ago run dry,

Outward beauty wasting away; all joy and gladness seemingly drained,

A snare about the mind and heart.

Before my eyes caught first sight

My heart was gripped, a spirit sense took hold

The pain of compassiom clenched

My spirit sharpened, mind hushed and inner ears heightened,

Then, around the next curve I saw

And fresh zeal rose up in Spirit strength.

Another one trapped in this life, lost

Unable to see, blinded from true light

Left to struggle through this impossible life alone

Stranger at a distance, another stranger up close

Family member in rebellion

An old friend locked in stubborness.

A cry goes out to the God of heaven

Sometimes a word spoken, a hand touches or a quiet prayer

And a golden arrow flies from the blazing Throne,

As love compels a heart is pierced, a life somehow penetrated.

Good will triumph

In this lost sheep too, I know good will triumph.


Gary Bertnick


-Gary Bertnick


In a troubling dream was seen-

Corporate churches, money makers

Built on shrewd business models

Images that rise high above

Government, nonprofit snare tight about the lofty neck

Truth often a woven story for convenience, for crafty entertainment,

Emotional comfort as abundant food

Social embrace as sweet drinks;

The sheep stagger with loads of needs into the newest, shiniest sanctuary,

The sheep stagger out, burdens the same.

Then the Catholic Pope kisses a Koran...

Yet, the walk of faith remains an illusive walk of divine truth,

A hidden treasure in a hidden field

Sought by the Queen of Sheba

Found in Solomon's enlightened wisdom

A walk of power, peace and strength

Place of separation, place of spirit rest;

With all the world in turmoil

Relentless waves crash on shorelines near and far

As a shelter, a shadow of comfort, secure place of lasting rest

Church meant to radiate such light

Fellowship of divine truth with songs of purest communion

Sparkling heavenly jewels that dance within heart and soul

Beautiful reflections from above in these eyes

All sing together as children in covenant freedom before their Father

Playful innocence in joyful expressions

Lifted from constraints of body, of the world into the clouds.

Now, a fruitless search from door to door

So many in hunger. so many in thirst

Dying for a house of true worship

Where the Holy God is present

Healing power, joyful celebration of His love.

Yet, need is met with marketing skills

With sales talents spun into conditioning

Where simple psychology grips and control is won

And hearts are not touched;

Shifting sand all about

A rock foundation so difficult to find

Houses topple in the constant storms

To the right, to the left

Desperate souls cry out-

"Is the door already shut!"

And this dream goes on