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An Introduction

Some years ago as a college student I stood facing intellectual despair, with nothing at all to counter that personal abyss. My will was numb. Then a friend spoke honestly to me with simple words about Jesus. She talked clearly about simple belief. Suddenly I knew within that I could will to believe in Yeshua, too. I realized somehow the door was opening to believe- and I could. And I did. Twenty-five plus years later I have shalom. I have abundance, and perseverance wrapped about patient endurance. These few writings are meant to encourage and stimulate the same for you, our guest reader.

Gary Bertnick


Revelation knowledge

Truth by the finger of God

Knowledge spoken within of the love that purchased,

The blood and water and testimony

Words pure and true Holy and perfect action

The rescue, the separation.

Kiss on the cold, cold forehead

Wakes one soul to secret kingdom life

Free from the death sleep of self.

"Eternal life--that they may know You..."

Amazed, thrilled at knowing the reality-

Yeshua who loves; Father who foreknows;

Spirit of wisdom and revelation.

How wonderful is the knowing

That becomes delight that grows,

A new creation in Him.

You and I now created within Himself

Words spoken, words heard deep within

An intimate knowing that passes through the outer gate

Flows through the courts,

Enters within the hidden, secret temple place of eternal rest;

To behold the radiant emerald beauty

Brilliant splendor of consuming light.

The King on His golden throne,

The entire earth merely His footstool!



Eyes fully opened

spirit and soul as well

Heart clear and crisp,

Spirit painfully sensitive.

"Behold the hand of the Lord, the Lord speaks!"

...Ends of the earth draw lazy breaths,

minds anchored and thickly

clouded, fat and lazy eyes...

But those royal eyes that hold eternity in an intimate glance,

Deepest crystal pools always invite tender warmth

Sacred trust of caring, gentle eyes.

A delicate embrace of your past, your present and future;

Powerful eyes of the lion

Red as blood, commanding obedience at the slightest look

Blazing fire eyes once self-restrained, now unleashed beyond



And the Holy Spirit whispers

The voices of many servants beneath the throne cry out,

Groan for justice;

Told to wait and watch a little longer...

Yes! we all look to Yeshua and wait

We fix our thoughts on Messiah and wait

The longing, the heart pain of yearning

Hope nearly drawn out

And yet, we watch, we obey, we wait

For we know him!

Groanings of a soul in prayer

In ways more than a woman in labor

Mourning hearts, sick with yearning,

Image of the "ten virgins" in mind.


Who but the Father knew

Who but the Father understood the cup,

All Messiah had to drink

To the very last droplet of bittersweet droplets

The eternal separated from the eternal

In death, separation from the Father.

Oh, the waiting in eternity to come, to die;

And now waiting once more to come,

to rejoice and to be marveled at;

To see his smile bursting with pleasures beyond a thousand

thousands of starbursts!

To be seen by those who truly know Him,

Even through small measures of like suffering

Because they know His love

And forever love this ancient Holy One,

This true Messiah who keeps his unchanging word.


Gary Bertnick Silver Cord N8726 50th St. Spring Valley,WI.54767



Separated from time

Joined to obedience

Now listening to the voice within

Once unknown and without

Voice separate from time

Eternal Word indwelling

Voice that speaks

A heart that hears,

An enabling to obey.

Enter freely the timeless place of trust and rest

Patience learned through doing

Quiet being always before the Throne

Separate from time

Endures forever, eternal;

Patience a timeless practice.


Gary Bertnick Silver Cord



The shadow of a hand

A presence now sensed drawing near,

Without any fear the head turns

And the eyes gaze as the touch moves ever near

Kindness radiates and gentleness surrounds

A warmth surges

The heart flutters like a small excited sparrow,

Until the hand of love touches,

And eyes meet those eyes...

An unearthly fire floods within

From the blazing eyes on the brilliant face set off by majestic

white flowing hair,

And a voice rushes within saying:

"Awake my beloved, in whom I delight!"



Warmth of the Holy Spirit

Healing power moves from row to row,

Up and down each and every aisle,

Settling upon every chair.

Compassion and mercy reign supreme

In this place of wonder,

In this place of awe.

Songs of praise thunder

Waves of power surge back and forth,

The servant of the Lord speaks

And more waves sweep the audience.

Time flees

Human understanding is set aside

Every sort of personal and collective pride withers away

As the Name above every name is spoken again.

His Presence flashes forth with absolute authority,

With absolute power over every circumstance of every person there,

Every person humble before the invisible Throne,

King Yeshua enthroned upon the praises,

The shouts and songs of thanksgiving that now flood this fellowship,

this place of joy!



A new song of the Lamb

A new song to the Lamb

Unspeakable joys, bliss of the heart

Swept up in the arms of love

Spirit-###### aroma of life

Fragrance of delight before the Mercy Seat;

Celebration of Father's love!

The lion roars and the earth melts.

Gratefulness soars in thunderous praise.

Thanksgiving-the holiest worship,

A most beautiful melody surrounds all.

Suddenly new words in Heaven's language,

Purist Hebrew tongue, in one voice proclaiming-

Love for Yeshua,

Our unending love for Messiah,

Our new song of love for our Lord.



Things of beauty

At every hand

If you look you will find some.

Past the pain,

Past the sorrow,

Past all the cold hearts that would deaden;

Past the foolish and all the deception.

If you look you will find some.

Take an inner look; take a deeper, holy breath

Open to revelation wonder...

Bow on earth

Bow at the footstool;

If you look for His beauty you will find some.


The eyes of the Spirit

Awaken the dawn

The brilliance of new light in a place without a sun;

Brightness radiant, streams rush from a far distance

So many fields of fields of flowers;

Multi-colored beauty at every hand!

Speechless. Deep laughter bubbles up and smiles burst at the goodness

The perfect wonder prepared for the servants of love.

Eyes drink in the splendor and then begin to search,

As a greater drawing nurtures, stirs the heart.

Up the vast plains they move, carried by swift and gentle winds;

The eyes are raised in ever-increasing delight.

Ever-increasing brightness envelops them

Yet, the view is always clearer and more distinct.

The heart begins to race, yearning, longing

Hoping until the brilliance of ten thousand suns towers ahead;

Raised high above the endless fields, a glowing mountain stands


Mountain source of this light, mountain of Glory

City of Zion, of Messiah our King!



Sitting by a fire,

Easy rocking chair

The quiet of evening calling.

Thoughts travel about-

Of things to do,

Things half done,

Things finished without satisfaction,

And more in a merry-go-round

Of distraction.

Until suddenly the moment settles.

Stillness falls as time surrenders

And greater things fill the mind.

Like knowing Yeshua's presence;

And holding his purpose for you...

Seeing wonder and simple pleasures

In resting and trusting,

Quiet confident strength.

Peace nestling peace,

Savoring such a moment!



Path of ultimate cost

Road with a heavy price

The "Everything Road" of total and complete cost

Everything laid down; nothing held back

Nothing taken up except the Cross of Messiah

And rejection, hatred and shame from the world,

Maybe also persecution from family and friends.

Faith from above- the Heavenly calling

Chosen from the earth to know

Separated, plucked out of the fire

Carried suddenly into the heart of the greatest, Eternal Mystery...

What the world can never give or understand

A new light beyond the natural

Discovery of Heaven beyond the Universe

Revelation life out of common earthly death.

Fear of physical death removed.

Narrow road of perseverance, of selfless endurance.

Small, small gate and ever narrowing road of His cross/our cross;

Now thrown wide open

Free for all to enter

To believe, to receive, to live and walk-

The escape with no earthly excuse remaining.



Lips form a smile

The heart quietly sings

As a Godly melody rises up,

The spirit grows a little brighter

Sweet honey about the mouth

The pleasure of delight, confidence and contentment

A beauty beyond the sensuous

Above the earthly

Settled as dew upon an earthly head.

Grateful to the Lord of creation

Who loved and spoke and loves today

One from above who walked as a man,

Yet humble and obedient...

Who gives and gives and gives again!

Knowledge too great, secrets of the Heavenly Kingdom

Treasure and wealth the world cannot give.

A rich man walks a golden path,

The light of jewels sparkles about;

A rich woman sees stars as pure kisses, flowers that seem very near

Pearls of gladness drip at every hand;

They stand "mature and fully assured".



An honest look within a mirror

Reflects a look,

A mirror within a mirror

Within the within

The master image meant within

Reflected in the eyes

The soul's within;

The eyes that search the heart

Reflection from a pool

Still waters that rest within,

A calm about, mirrors a true image in his likeness

The eyes that see

The look that creates, that reflects,

The image born within

Lived without

Fully expressed, fully seen

From the secret place

The seed within

Bursting life without

The knowing, the seeing, the eternal reflection

The light in the eyes, in the heart

In the beautiful face

Perfection reflected and seen

Mirrored and overflowing light of light

Joy of life seen and suddenly known

Revealed and given

Image repeated over and over and over

In the numberless priceless, searching ones,

A longing for light and life and all that aches within...

To be seen in His Holy Light

In his true image

In his eternal Shabat Spirit rest!

Bowed before the Jerusalem throne

King Yeshua the only Messiah

Who reigns majestically over his earth,

All his enemies destroyed.

Gary Josef Bertnick Silver Cord