About the Messianic Literary Corner

The Messianic Literary Corner (MLC) is an independent grace oriented Messianic Jewish ministry launched in 1997 by Marshall Beeber, a Messianic Jew (Hebrew Christian) since 1973.  It's original poetry ministry continues with the works of over seventy poets.  MLC has evolved in its format to encompass "grace oriented" studies, basic prophetic teachings, scientific and archaeological apologetics and poetry. It has played a key role in drawing attention to the need for more "grace oriented" teaching in the Messianic Jewish Movement today.

Marshall Beeber, MLC Director

Thanks for visiting the Messianic Literary Corner's newly reconstructed website.  After many years of use, the old website format was retired and a newer website format was launched in December 2013, with the latest website format launched in May 2020.   The new MLC website is both attractive and easy to use for both standard Internet browser viewing or with a mobile Smartphone device. In 2014 both a Facebook webpage and Facebook group was created for MLC, thereby generating many new website visitors and establishing new friendships.

The Messianic Literary Corner (MLC) has an extensive network of links and search engine entries across the world.  It has played a key role in drawing attention to the need for more "grace oriented" teachings in the Messianic Jewish Movement today. My goal for the future of the Messianic Literary Corner is to expand it's "grace oriented" study and teaching ministry by the support of Christian and Messianic Jewish (Hebrew Christian) ministries of like mind. There are few "grace oriented" Messianic ministries on the Internet today. Most Messianic Jewish ministries emphasize Torah, while de-emphasizing New Covenant teachings. 

The role of the Messianic Literary Corner is to be a "vanguard" for voicing and disseminating evangelical and doctrinal information.  By associating itself with Christian & Messianic Jewish ministries of similar purpose, MLC will help strengthen and encourage the teaching and preaching of a "grace oriented gospel" abroad.

If interested in associating with the Messianic Literary Corner feel free to contact me


Marshall Beeber (Messianic Literary Corner director)

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